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Personal Achievements

Jelly Eater (kari)

Stage 4 Clear

8 Feet no Shoes (Kari)

Stage 6 Clear

Starless Sea (Kari)

Stage 8 Clear

Abyss Fascination (Kari)

2 hour Played

Deep Sea Lover (Kari)

10 Hours Played

Sunless Depth Addict (Kari)

20 Hours Played

Plankton Taster (Kari)

Killed 100 Enemies

Ameba Eater (Kari)

Killed 1000 Enemies

Deep Sea Devourer (Kari)

Killed 10,000 Enemies

Plankton Evader (Kari)

100 No Damage Kills

Ameba Dancer (Kari)

300 No Damage Kills

Deep Sea Ghost (Kari)

1000 No Damage Kills

Speed Beginner (Kari)

Stage 1 clear under 300 secs

Speed Runner (Kari)

Stage 1 clear under 180 secs

Speed Demon (Kari)

Stage 1 clear under 120 secs


Stage 3 No Damage Clear


Stage 5 No Damage Clear


Stage 7 No Damage Clear

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