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Personal Achievements

Treasure Hunter

Acquire 3 rank 10 items.
0 / 3

Forced March

Reach Arberrang in 100 days or less.

Master Tactician

With 6 Rank 10 units, win a Hard difficulty sparring battle in the Training Tent.


Fight 32 battles in a single playthrough.
0 / 32

Against all Odds

Prevail with Rook against overwhelming numbers.

Culling Frenzy

Kill 5 in one turn with Cull the Weak.


Kill 5 enemies while stealthed.

Alliance of Convenience

Maintain an alliance with Rugga.

Sven's Training

Complete Sven's Training.
0 / 5

Holfi's Training

Complete Holfi's Training.
0 / 4


Break 30 barricades in a single playthrough.
0 / 30


Defeat 3 enemies with a Berserk.
0 / 3


Defeat 3 enemies with a Shieldmaiden.
0 / 3


Defeat 3 enemies with a Poet.
0 / 3


Defeat 3 enemies with a Female Horseborn Cantref.
0 / 3


Defeat 3 enemies with a Male Horseborn Teulu.
0 / 3

Axe Thrower

Defeat 3 enemies with an Axe Thrower.
0 / 3


Defeat 3 enemies with a Wanderer.
0 / 3


Defeat 3 enemies with Zefr.
0 / 3


Defeat 3 enemies with a Slaughterer.
0 / 3


Defeat 3 enemies with a Tracker.
0 / 3

War Bear

Defeat 3 enemies with War Bear.
0 / 3

Normal Difficulty

Complete the game on Normal difficulty.

Hard Difficulty

Complete the game on Hard difficulty.


Complete the game on Hard difficulty level without losing a single battle.


Complete the game without letting anyone in your caravan die to hunger.

High Spirits

Complete the game without ever getting low morale.

Rook's Journey

Meet King Meinolf with Rook.

Alette's Journey

Meet King Meinolf with Alette.

The Saga Continues

Import Save Game from Banner Saga 1.


Visit the godstone Aselei.


Visit the godstone Irynx.


Visit the godstone Baldringr.


Visit the godstone Vez'nan.


Visit the godstone Geirraðr.


Visit the godstone Bygglaerer.


Visit the godstone Lauga.

Leader of Clans

Bring 400 clansmen safely into Arberrang.

Fighting Force

Build an army of over 600 trained fighters.
0 / 600

Intense Repossession

Witness Eyeless possess 10 fallen units.
0 / 10

Varl Dregs

Reach Oldford with at least 20 Varl following Bolverk.

Keep Your Wits

Bolverk always acts as the Ravens expect.

Sundr Slayer

Kill a Sundr.

Example to Others (Survival Mode)

Survive with only female Heroes. (Normal or Hard Difficulty)

Not Some Fantasy (Survival Mode)

Survive with only human Heroes. (Normal or Hard Difficulty)

Quad-Core Hardcore (Survival Mode)

Survive using only parties of 4 varl in every battle. (Normal or Hard Difficulty)

The Skirmisher (Survival Mode)

Survive all battles on Easy.

A Fallen Few (Survival Mode)

Survive with fewer than 20 Heroes dying. (Normal or Hard Difficulty)

The Berserk (Survival Mode)

Survive all battles on Hard.

Together or Not At All (Survival Mode)

Survive without a single Hero dying. (Normal or Hard Difficulty)

Inner Fire (Survival Mode)

Survive without using the Horn for willpower. (Normal or Hard Difficulty)

No Outsiders (Survival Mode)

Survive without Recruiting Heroes. (Normal or Hard Difficulty)

Krumr's Mentor (Survival Mode)

Survive Hard Mode without a single reload

The Professional (Survival Mode)

Survive all battles on Normal.

On Wings of Ravens (Survival Mode)

Survive in less than 180 minutes for your total turns. (Normal or Hard Difficulty)