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Personal Achievements

A Good Start

Collect your first puzzle piece


Defeat Grave Decisions without hypnotizing any zombies

Back Door

Create a back door into the ice fortress on Penguin Prison Break


Fire your stickman out of a cannon

Be Creative

Find every letter on the secret puzzle level

Bucket List

Defeat Buckets n' Bunnies without drawing any rain clouds

Color Buddy

Find all of the color buddies hidden throughout Epic!

Cowabunga Dude

Get Stickenstein's Monster to ride the raft

Customs Inspector

Open every container on Pirate's Plunder

Epic Stickman

Unlock every level
0 / 12

Every Day

Defeat the dragon and unlock the chest on the puzzle level

Fire Bug

Draw 100 fires
0 / 100

Friend of Frith

Complete Cuddle Bunny Peak without killing any bunnies

Hungry Lil' Critter

Get a bunny to grow to its maximum size


Defeat Grave Decisions with all zombies hypnotized

King Penguin

Unleash king penguin to destroy the ice fortress on Penguin Prison Break


Chop down 50 trees
0 / 50

Monster Slayer

Slay your first Armakillo
0 / 1

Paul Bunyan

Chop down 500 trees
0 / 500

Pencil Master

Draw with every pencil

Pumpkin Master

Defeat Grave Decisions with all jack-o'-lanterns lit

Puzzle Master

Collect all of the puzzle pieces
0 / 13


Draw 1000 fires
0 / 1,000

Quick Draw Vengeance

Defeat Zarp

Rainy Day

Rain on every flower in Stickenstein's Monster

Sconce Boss

Light every torch in Zarp's Fortress


Unlock 6 levels
0 / 6


Slay all the armakillos in The Battle of Stickopolis


Take damage without dying 100 times
0 / 100


Unlock 3 levels
0 / 3


Disable the tentacles without slaying the armakillo


Unlock 9 levels
0 / 9

Stormy Nights

Draw your first lightning cloud


Open 100 containers
0 / 100

Treasure Hunter

Discover the secret chest in Volcanic Valley

Troll Wrangler

Get the spiders to web up the troll

Very Thorough

Open 500 containers
0 / 500

Where Are My Dragons?

Hatch all of the dragons in Dragon Omelet

A Clue

DLC Only: Collect your first map piece

The Path is Clear

DLC Only: Collect all 9 map pieces

Fright Club

DLC Only: Have Stickenstein beat up 5 zombies in Maze the Dead


DLC Only: Poor bunnies... (Deja Phew)

Rabbit Wrangling

DLC Only: Herd a bunny to Bunny Island in Deja Phew

Dragon Momma's Hoard

DLC Only: Unlock all the chests in The Dragon's Treasure

Troll Hunter

DLC Only: Defeat both trolls in The Troll Returns


DLC Only: Defeat every goblin in Pirate's Booty Boneyard

Fork in the Road

DLC Only: Take the shortcut in It's Getting Hot in Here

Risky Buzziness

DLC Only: Beat Mine Your Own Beeswax without raining on any flowers

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