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Yeah it's me. PFlax.

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CarNiFeX 19 aug om 8:28 
Hey Pyrion, massive fan since the PFlax's dota guides, loved your stuff ever since, especially the triforce and Bodega. Keep up the great work <3
If you signed my profile it'd make my day too!
Whisper 27 jul om 8:08 
Hi Pyrion, I'm an avid listener of your Triforce! podcasts and I love the chemistry you guys have. If you ever wanted to have a guest on, maybe you could create a separate series and name it 'Fource!'? Just an idea. Stay awesome :meadowlovebadger:

PS: Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Bodega!
Sicdu 2 jul om 1:06 
soulja boy tell em 3 jun om 18:32 
hey my boy pyrion can i play some fancy dota 2 games with you
Molly 11 mei om 4:01 in this new operation you can get skins which havent even released lol
Katie 27 apr om 3:10 - my offer for you