Commander Chris
I sexually Identify as Sqeaker
I racially identify as Sqeaker
I specifally identify as Sqeaker
I genderify identify as Sqeaker
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All about me.
People Tell me you are what you eat but I don't remember eating god
We fight for those who cant Who Couldnt but most importantly for the Fallen
#RememberLB Spread what happend to LB so it doesnt happen agian.

Mom = Froppy
Dad - Nicki
Best Friend = Commander Cameron
Son = qbert5000
Second Son = Sheperd
Adopted Brother = Deku
Real Brother = JewMcoo
Weeb Sister = Hikari Dickari Dock
Cousin = Boneless Banana
My Cat = 009befame98
Adviser =
Judge = Loopycats
Exucutioner = Monaclu Lewinski
Army Admiral = OsamaBinSwaggin
Brigader General = DoctorSizzles ( Lower then General)
Colonel = Aku
Soldier 1 = Dr.McSnuggles
Soldier 2 = Chro
Soldier 3 = Noah Fp
Soldier 4 = LuckyWaffle
Soldier 5 =
Soldier 6 = 召喚士
Soldier 7 = ^069 [LB] AverageDrink
Soldier 8 = мя яαιивσω
Soldier 9 = Conmanbeast39
Soldier 10 = Carl
Soldier 11 = Crazman
Soldier 12 = TheCommunistCat
Soldier 13 =
Soldier 14 = <rainbow=1>Dr. Harp</rainbow>
Soldier 15 = [LB] Dr.Bread

Youtube Legend :

I have some pretty sick dreams just look at this one.

My Cool squad of 2 guys and 2 girls went to the mall in a sick van the other 2 went in before me and the mute girl Had sexy times with me then she and me killed
Bad guys with spoons then i found a cool nail gun in the back room and shot it at a wall after that the mute went missing and i started looking around and i saw a hospital car that
had keem star in the back and he said youtube is dying and his face turned into a youtube logo then the abumlence drove away and i became sad because my
mute was gone but she had cute purple shining hair and a red eye she was so cute and she liked my jokes and we had sex

Same night second dream : i ran across my yard to a place where i ran to before in a diffrent dream thet was a horror dream people got there before us and it started raining
so they blocked off the doors so they could be the only dry ones so we ran to the shed next to it and started resting outside for some reason still in the rain then
a bunch of female Hot joggers ran into us and started hugging us on the floor and everywhere i looked i saw a breast hanging out of there shirt then my
friends lilly and hunter appeared and lilly gave me a bible to remember her then hunter yelled me out for looking at the joggers breast then i had another dream

The last dream: i was a steamers camera and there was 2 girls and a little kid streaming and they went to the top of a mountoin with a bunch of native
Americans who built a clay house and the little kid streamer tried to parachute off with the parachute he had on the whole time but nearly died when
the wind pushed him in the wall and he nearly died and i has happy because he was a clickbaiter

Another dream: i had turned into a anime cat girl then while at dinner i looked into a mirror witch showed i was a demone because my eyes where red so i ended up dying somehow i just died on the table and then i turned back into my self and i went into school and the school was giant and so where the rooms so i went into my science room witch was a small rain forest and they had a small water fall inside it and i cranked a crank that made the water fall faster then i woke up.

Another Dream: i was at this cool waterpark and we all went to cafateria and I asked a girl out and she blushed then a parade started and a bunch of battle droids had instraments and a battle droid asked a girl out? idk

So there was 3 enemies of me right? they where like hot Holographic human things right? so i was backing away from one about to kill me and i said it was hot because it was then i fucked it and its friends i fucked 3 of them at the same time, then i wanted to get with one of them and they left me a note after i woke up the 2 ones where older and they didnt want me but the one that was my age did and the note said how i broke her heart and it made me super sad and i legit Cried as soon as i woke up at 6am it was horrible. Yeah and the one i wanted was the hottest.

So school was having a 2 hour delay so i thought "Hmmmm maybe i could get some sleep" so i passed out on my couch for about 10 minutes and the dream i had was horrifiying so i was paralyzed and i couldnt move at all and everytime i fell assleep while paralzed it brought me to the same place but with a diffrent scene basicly i couldnt escape it i finnaly got out when i let my dog out.

Every now and then i have a dream that Me and osama build a giant bunker that trains people for Commanders Crew millitary but we allso have SCP's down there and in this one we woke up all the trainies for training and had breakfest time and i ate a donut and i lost my belt and i was talking to spencer from Icarly then before i know it im testing an SCP and he teleports me and a few others to a demension for 5 hours and as i was reading the SCP report once i finished it i woke up

4/10/2018- Me, Jason And Cameron, where playing rust, where we got invaded by skeletons with swords and bows. then There was a giant mall, that also had a added on fucking village thing, and everyone from my school was there, we had a good time and hung out, while i was also on the run from the police, then near the end, this crazy fucking bus driver went super fast and nearly killed all of us on a highway. everyone was in it man, and we all just had a great time.

5/8/76 my dream last night was crazy
I was a CP fighting agianst rebels then all the sudden it was minecraft and we has SKS's and were running from them then the ender dragon boss came up and we were running for our lives it was crazy then i was in my hous and there was a dancing plate of spegetti so i ate some, then i found a giant worm inside and i vomited
then i woke up

6/13/18 i was in my gym class, i was sitting by my female friend lexi, and my other female friends were sitting right behind us, close enough for conversation. so i started a conversation about why girls smell so good and why guys don't. so they started telling me all about the dick. and lexi popped out her long ass dick and started sucking it. then she came and we left for next period. and i started jerking off. Then she quickly finished me, and i came all over her. Then i went to my next class, and for some reason, it was a whole different building, we had to run there on a road. and we we had to sit in the corner because we were bad boys. becuase we were late. then the guy standing right next to me, Connor, was wearing some tight leggings that showed his upper legs.
And for some reason we were drawing smiley faces, and he showed his then pulled it away and i looked directly at his thighs and he called me gay. then i woke up.

7/10/18 - Last night i dreamed a whole custom anime, first there was Ben, who was the man character who liked a girl who also liked him, but then she got taken by enemies and they used a andriod of her to make it seem like she cheated on him, also this whole thing took place during some type of war, where this one old guy was our main enemy and sent tons of enemies at us all the time, basically we where a Rebbelion agianst a Nazi-like regime, Anyways, there was a ton of other characters too, but nameless, also i had another dream, where i was going to Seventh grade and u was completely ready and once i got to school i really had to take a piss, so i went to the restroom and for some reason some guy named Dominic kept trying to look at my dick, then he got a bunch of girls to come in to cheat on a test or something, and they hid and worked on their computers in the stalls, and they where also trying to look at my dick, the girls where lexi, Hanna, Caitte, then a teacher came in and they all got in trouble, then i finished emptying my bladder. and after that i had a dream of the future after the rebbellion ended and the main enemy died (he killed himself) and then we revived him and put him in jail,
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Cancer, by it's own definition in layman's terms, isn't something that's a good thing. I don't think it's good to have a negative self-image of yourself like that. I'm sorry you feel that way.