terrorizing and killing worker drones in   Washington, United States
+rep for everyone i know irl :slimetabby:
am the genderfluid shapeshifting toaster pixel artist mad scientist MADE OF PUTTY WHOO THAT IS A MOUTHFUL
if you make any art involving k-p please credit me

wacky putty toaster, and you know what they say, all toasters toast toast
look up my name without -P am 3rd result rn pog

some trivia below
if i am on terraria overnight i am grinding in roblox
P in my name stands for putty and the c stands for cool dude
not gonna reveal how i look unless i can REALLY trust ya
commissions are open for pixel art, i take about 30 minutes and i try my best to recreate whatever
M.O.A.R glaives is my favorite btd6 upgrade
my favorite terraria weapon is the crystal serpent
also chakrams are my favorite way of killing worker drones because shing shing shing funni
i eat air and post-it notes, alongside oil but i dont like air and i dont need oil
my bones are made of permafrost-infused white putty
i regenerate like other disassembly drones, but about 99x faster
best friends are heinz ketchup bottle and error virus detected, alongside demolitios, ryaming, and jack_walteen
other friends include tomo, blakday and smurphy
end of trivia stuff for now


terraria is pog 1.4.3 poggers woo

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🖤Tomo🖤 Jun 24 @ 4:08am 
This lancer killer the dancer so hes sus
SD K-P Jun 16 @ 10:46pm 
why am i a traitor of garfield kart?
the only reasons i know are i have not played on steam and i have not posted/commented for a long time
Chunchun Jun 14 @ 5:53pm 
traitor of garfield cart.
SD K-P Jun 7 @ 7:42am 
we are the blue dudes now
SD K-P Apr 25 @ 6:10pm 
huehuehue sniper go AAAAAA
Dracula Feb 5 @ 7:53am 
LMAO! KRis get the bananaaaaaaaaa:steamhappy: