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Hello, I see you have discovered a purple unicorn.
My name is Axiom Unknown. You may call me "Axe", "Axie", "Grape", "Unicorn", anything that isn't demeaning or hurtful towards me. I am usually around, but don't be upset or hurt about me not being on when you need me to.

Why don't you enjoy your stay at my profile? Read my rules, or suffer a block or removal quickly.

𐌀𐌁𐍈𐌵𐌕 ṂΣ
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Personality: Hard to determine, determined to be " "The Campaigner" []
Likes: Friendliness, People, Video Games, Roleplay, Voice Chatting, Being competitve, and animals.
Dislikes: Ambiguity, Assholes, Narcissism, Begging, Constant depressive attitudes.
ive behavior, Constant whining, and Idiocy.
Love: My loving sweetheart.~
P.S.: I allow close friends to ask for my real name and real details about myself, so go ahead if you wish. :d2tidehunter:

Requirements for me accepting your friend request.
-You must not have a private profile.
-You must have a Steam profile level of at least 10 or higher.
-You must not have a trade ban, or VAC Ban.
-Do not have a comment about trying to use me to get to someone. I will not be your message slave to someone who clearly removed or blocked you.
-Say 'burger' in comment section, first thing.

How to get removed or possibly blocked
-Not speaking to me at all for a certain period of time.
-Being a prick, in general.
-Behaving in a way that I dislike, even if not being a prick.
-Repeatedly asking me to do something that I clearly do not want to do.
-Not commenting on my profile.
-Be consistently ambiguous and drop hints.

Ways to be blocked ON THE SPOT, with no chance of forgiveness
-Betraying me or a friend. I can not forgive this.
-Attempting to force roleplay, when it is clearly not desired nor wanted.
-Attempting to degrade or belittle me.
-Flaunting your wealth in my face, or bitching when you clearly are not having a serious problem.
-Showing no care for my well-being.

Rules for staying on my friend list
-Don't expect me to take hints, or not get angry at you for being ambiguous. I DESPISE ambiguity. Tell me that you're busy, don't expect me to understand with just hints.
-Speak to me casually.
-Speak to me at least weekly.
-Unless otherwise noted, don't approach me with roleplay unless it was planned out beforehand.
-Please, show your care and concern when it is needed and it will be returned.

Online - Feel free to chat
Away - Out/Can't get to the computer or tablet
Busy - Don't disturb me
In-Game - May or may not respond
Offline - Will rarely be used.

Original Characters or OCs

Axiom Unknown
Age: 21
Occupation: Mechanic
Species: Unicorn
Fur color: Purple
Mane and Tail color: Black
Irises: Blue
Family: (Close friends may ask to be a part of this.) None.
Bio: (Will be up in due time.)
F-List: (Will be up.)

Gash Diamond
Age: 366
Occupation: Outlaw
Species: Earth Pony
Fur color: Gray
Mane and Tail color: Dark Gray
Irises: Crimson
Family: (Only a partner, mother and father are dead with no siblings.)
Bio: (Will be up in due time.)
F-List: (Will be up.)

Computer Specs
Too lazy to put these here, for now.

Trade Offer Link
If you wish to trade with me, I would be delighted if you used this.

Note: You do not need to send me gifts to stay my friend, but if you wish to send me anything it would be appreciated.

Music Genres: EDM, Metal (Most subgenres) , Rock (Most subgenres), Classical, etc.

Bands/Musical Artists
Pearl Jam

Games: Team Fortress 2, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, Dark Souls series, Fallout series, etc.
Subjects: Science and Math
Movies: Road to El Dorado, The Incredibles, My Little Pony Movie, etc.

♥⚝𐌓𐌄𐍈𐌓𐌋𐌄 𐌆 𐌋𐍈𐠨𐌄 𐌃𐌄𐌀𐍂𐌋𐍅⚝♥

This big and loveable stallion. Who I hold dearly to my heart, even if he doesn't believe himself to be worthy. He means very much to me. He has also filled me more than any other pone can.~

Momma Myxi -Some dislike her, but I really do care. She has done no harm to me, or vice versa. I give her only affection, because she has earned it from me.

Loveable pet. -Smol cutie who deserves only the kindest of treatment, never showing one ounce of malice towards me and I love that about him.

Adorable snugglebutt. -A lewd, sweet little optimist who alwasy tries to bring me up when I'm feeling sad. She even comes to me, when she is feeling poorly, I have enjoyed being the best of friends with her.

Big dog. -An amazing pooch who makes me feel happy everytime I speak with him.

Fluffy deer. -Alwasy open to cuddle and snuggle whenever I need someone to give me comfort, or jsut to be a sweet heart to in general. Always open to listen, I love this cervine.

Purple Dragon. -Always open to listen and only shows kindess, doesn't take much to describe how this sweetheart is.

Oh, Sir! -Has the lowest of expectations and respect for himself, but he has alwasy been a good friend even if he doesn't think of himself as anything of the sort. I believe in you!

Koji Lime -We've been through so much in such a short time, but it never tarnished our strong friendship in the end. I will always be there for you, love you buddy!

Green Pegasus. -Always helpful and always outgoing, what is there not to love about this wonderful artist buddy?

Smol changeling Wonderful, that's all I have to say about this little guy.

Smol bear. -Lil' cutiepie who always tries to make everyone happy at the cost of his own, but he makes others happy without trying.

Cutie. -A sparky fluffball, who actively shows his friends how much he cares.

Red Cat. That is sweet and helpful.
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