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•Spy Feed [clips.twitch.tv]
•Epic Flare [clips.twitch.tv]

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:OrionNorthStar: Current Rig:
PSU: Corsair RM750x
Motherboard: ASROCK Pro4 Z370 LGA 1151
CPU: Intel i7 8700k 6 Core @5ghz
CPU Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO
Case Cooling: x3 Corsair ML120 PRO LED Magnetic Levitation Fans (Red)
Case: Fractal Design Meshify C - Dark
GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti 11GB
Primary Drive: Samsung 250GB SATA SSD
Secondary Drive: Western Digital 250GB SATA SSD
Game Drive: Samsung 970EVO 500GB NVME SSD
Backup Drive: Western Digital 1TB Hybrid Drive
RAM: Corsair Vengence 32 GB (4X8) @3200mhz
Mouse: Glorious Model O
Keyboards: Leopold FC750r w Cherry Reds and Varmilo VA87m Sakura w Cherry Reds
Mousepad: BenQ GS-R SE Red
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 598 Cs
Mic: Blue enCORE 100i
Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)
Monitor #1: BenQ 2546, 24", 240hz, 1ms
Monitor #2: BenQ 27", 144hz, 1ms
Monitor #3: Asus 27", 144hz, 3ms
Monitor #4: Asus 27", 60hhz. 5 ms
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He insisted that stars were people so well loved, they were traced in constellations, to live forever
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Terrible things I've said
"The best method of self-preservation is living inside a zip-lock bag." (4/29/17)
"Concentration camps are where they send kids with ADHD" (4/21/17)
"When in was born, I tried to hang myself with my umbilical cord." (4/15/17)
"The new negev is like pissing when you wake up in the morning; the first twelve shots are inaccurate." (4/13/17)
Random Kid: "Why don't you kill yourself?"
Me: "I've tried" (4/16/17)
"The Aug | Aristocrat is the best gun in the game because it explifies financial prosperity." (3/28/17)
"I'm the type of school shooter who goes into a school and shoots himself." (3/28/17)
"I don't think there's any way for me to have an STI. I'm a virgin and so are both my parents." (3/23/17)
"You are authorized to authorize people to authorize authorizations" (3/22/17)
"I ain't saying she a ho, but she could get herself pregant with her saliva." (3/22/17)
"That reminds me of the time I killed myself." (3/22/17)
"You know what they say... if it's hell, you're probably living." (3/13/17)
"This reminds me of the time I played twister on my grandmother's grave." (3/13/17)
"My mom died before I was concieved." (3/11/17)
"They call me fishy because I love salt." (9/12/17)
"I travel by rolly chair so that I don't make footsteps." (9/13/17)
"That reminds me of that time I died a few seconds ago because that was that time." (10/3/17)
"He saw me. He had eyes. I don't like that!" (10/3/17)
"I like this group because I'm an autism." (10/3/17)
"Oh god damn healthy vegetable lookin' ass." (10/3/17)
"Sorry, I thought you were an anemone." (10/3/17)
"I hate the new dust 2. There's no color. It's like a white supremicists wet dream." (10/25/17)
"You're a dyke? Is that like a les-bean?" (10/25/17)
"This isn't even my final form. I've got a lot of forms to fill out today." (10/25/17)
"That's not fair; he shot me." (11/12/17)
"Buying a stat trak revolver is like buying a bad thing for money." (11/17/17)
"yeaaaa... that's called the slick back rat attack." (11/18/17)
"Dude, you're old. You're gonna die of like, old cancer." (12/2/17)
"I keep mistaking csgo for one of those tower defense survival games." (12/7/17)
"I blame all of those website-suffix-name sons of bitches." (12/7/17)
"This reminds me of the time I wanted to die because that's every time." (12/16/17)"
"You're the human equivalent of a shitty waffle house." (1/28/18)
"Your words mean nothing to me; I don't speak peasant." (1/28/18)
"What if two guys named Manuel were in a relationship and all their friends said 'hey Manuel, is your man well? Hahah'" (2/9/18)
"I call that a calculated risk by someone who is bad at math." (2/15/18)
"Did you just assume his hyperhydrosis?" (2/15/18)
"I've always wanted to be excused, ever since I sat down at the table." (2/21/18)
"Nothing like a good ol' cup of nuclear genocide." (2/21/18)
"I like making shock humor jokes at my epilepsy support groups." (2/21/18)
"I'm not a goofball, I'm a goofcube." (2/21/18)
"Up next on 'Autism, The Silent Film.'" (2/22/18)
"I like my pizza the same way I like my goldfish: thick and ready to swim into my mouth." (2/26/18)
"They call me lure because I like being baited." (2/26/18)
"My parent's don't call me OrioN, they call me a disappointment." (3/3/18)
"If I were a bite, I'd be a terabyte." (3/7/18)
"Symbiosis is a waste of time. Just ask a marriage counselor." (3/8/18)
"They call me Shorty because I want to shorten my life." (3/9/18)
"When I was a kid, I didn't even have being a kid." (3/11/18)
"Mama didn't raise no bitch; mama raised a self-destructive son of a bitch." (3/13/18)
"I used to be LE before I caught autism. It started out as a cold, and now I watcha anime." (3/14/18)
"I came up with a new drink last night where you take a swig of antiacid then take a shot of gin. It's called 'The Prius.'" (3/23/18)
"My gender is a John Deer Assault Lawnmower." (3/25/18)
"That's good. That chucky cheese guy can't hurt me no more." (3/29/18)
"Last round, I tried to buy a P90, but accidently turned my computer into a rowboat." (3/31/18)
"Well, you could always give up." (4/2/18)
"Purple, your sensitivity looks higher than a Colorado cancer patient." (4/2/18)
"We can solve your problem; like a blind man with a rubix cube." (4/3/18)
"If I ever had steam to lose, I just lost it." (4/4/18)
"This is like zombieland, but instead of the zombie virus, it's autism." (4/15/18)
"I know a lot about peripherals. I have good peripheral vision." (4/20/18)
"I had a running joke with a guy, but then I cut his legs off." (4/25/18)
"My life needs a kill bind." (4/26/18)
"These guys have the situational awareness of an eskimo duck-taped to a tree." (5/9/18)
"Why is it called the minigun when it's the biggest gun in the game?" (5/9/18)
"There is bad here." (5/9/18)
"I like my men how I like my water log houses... secured to the bottom of a lake." (5/11/18)
"Sorry, I overextended. I usually do that after I eat mac n' cheese." (5/17/18)
"Jones plays sniper because he doesn't have legs irl." (5/19/18)
"I'm not racist. There is only one race, and that is nascar." (5/21/18)
"You're into soldier mains because they're all power bottoms." (5/21/18)
"Is your name barnblitz? Because I want you to choke me." (5/23/18)
"Last time there was a push like that, Jesus was born." (5/27/18)
"You can't get high off of pies, but you can get high off of... POT PIES! *autistic laughter* (6/7/18)
"I would install fortnite, but I don't like viruses on my computer." (6/11/18)
"Why did the road cross the road? Because it was an intersection." (6/16/18)
"This Halloween I'm gonna put a bunch of lined red marker across my face and go as an anime blush." (6/24/18)
"Why would you say 'wow'? you spelled owo wrong." 6/24/18)
"Jesus Christ, I'm a kinky motherfucker." (7/11/18)
"actually im a male feminist metrosexual lgbt+-ytmz vegan crossfit electric apache attack helicopter." (7/11/18)
"Oh no, he turned around. He's not supposed to do that. This isn't the Hokey-Pokey." (7/11/18)
"Wow, I didn't know there was a roof up here. I feel like I'm roleplaying as Anne Frank." (8/2/18)
"Your inside jokes don't work on me because I never go outside." (8/5/18)
"Bear, I will glue your saggy balls to the floor while you sleep, and wake you up with firecrackers if you say something like that to Norue again." (8/9/18)
"I'm not a spy, I'm a fake guy extraordinare." (9/30/18)
"I'd sooner commit suicide than kill myself." (10/27/18)
"If Bear Hoovy calls me Ryan one more time, I'm going to burn his fursuit." (10/28/18)
"You have the self-preservation skills of an endangered species." (10/29/18)
"You're a context clue. Suck my inference." (11/12/18)
"Oh, I know why we aren't doing well, my keyboard isn't in gaming mode." (11/13/18)
"Diglett is just a ground dwelling dildo." (12/8/18)
"I'm dealing with a lot of bedrock here, but it's not making me sleepy at all." (12/8/18)
"Whenever I try to use W to strafe, I stop dead like an autistic kid at the entrance to an ice cream social." (12/10/18)
"I'm basically being sandbagged by life." (12/17/18)
"Playing med in this lobby is basically life simulation because everyone leaves me and then I die" (12/21/18)
"Tryharding on 2fort is like showing off a shitty talent at a funeral." (1/6/18)
"I don't fully understand the appeal of thighs in terms of as a fetish, but I still want to get suffocated by them bc I want to die." (1/30/19)
"If scout mains are assholes and medic mains are masochists, does that make a scout-med main an assochist?" (2/10/19)
"How do I get aborted at 21 years old?" (2/11/19)
"Clouds are just sky tiddies." (3/5/19)
"Not hating Pyro mains because they kill spies is like not killing spiders because they get rid of flies." (3/18/19)
"This Twitch stream doesn't have quality options, just like my life" (3/19/19)
"Gay gay gay gay I wanna die gay gay gay futa gay" (3/19/19)
"I'm gonna eat your cereal... ALL OF IT!" (4/7/19)
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If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently. (Bill Waterson)
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"Not hating Pyro mains because they kill spies is like not killing spiders because they get rid of flies." ♥♥♥♥ing spider Nazi. I hope you a fly lands on your face next time you're about to hit a shot.
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