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what part of "Monika is best girl" do you fucks not understand
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oh hi
This text box will be used for general things. Read on if you want to.

If you want to send me a friend request :heart:
:Horzine: Please don't try and add me if you are below lvl 5. Chances are, you're a scammer.
:Horzine: I may trade though it is less likely than in the past so keep that in mind.
:Horzine: If I don't recognise you (from a game or real life) then I will probably accept your friend request, though please do tell me where you came from (e.g I played with you in a game of...)
:Horzine: Don't beg. I have nothing against trading but begging for games / items is an automatic block.
:Horzine: No bots. The moment I suspect someone to be a bot I will ask and if I'm not satisfied with your answer I won't hesitate to block you.
:Horzine: Don't add me just to give me shit, because A) I really don't care and B) You'll just get ignored.

Status Meanings:balloon:
:Horzine: Online: Good chance that I will respond to your messages, but may not be willing to play.
:Horzine: Away: Obviously aren't going to respond to your messages any time soon.
:Horzine: Busy: Doing work. What kind of work doesn't matter, so don't ask. I may respond to your message but please don't ask to play a game. Incredibly, I do other things. Ask me later.
:Horzine: In-Game: I will try to answer your messages at the next possible interval but as I'm sure you know, some games can't be paused.
:Horzine: Offline: Will reply to your message when I come back online again.

:health: EXTRA: Just because it says I'm in the "Online" state doesn't mean I'm not playing a game. I do play games that aren't on Steam (Overwatch, WoW, etc) so if I'm not responding to your messages when I'm online it may mean that I'm playing.

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PurpleCrowbar Apr 21 @ 8:38am 
sick burn
★Ina★ Apr 21 @ 8:32am 
ask ur mummy motherfcker
PurpleCrowbar Apr 21 @ 8:31am 
can someone help me translate this lol
Arri Apr 21 @ 7:39am 
you need 7 k chase points to get 1 and talk about bad survivors... but when they are bad and u need so long then u are more shit then them
PurpleCrowbar Apr 21 @ 7:31am 
people below me are bad survivors that can't win against the third worst killer in the game

ez pz lemon squeezy
★Ina★ Apr 21 @ 7:28am 
camping and tunneling and talk about ez? xDD PLS kys pls <3