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Competitive Achievements n' Stuff

 - ETF2L Season 21 - Open Division - 1st Place with Kela
 - ETF2L Season 23 - Mid Division - 1st Place with Kela
 - ETF2L Season 25 - Premiership Division - 2nd Place with Thanks Nursey
 - ETF2L Season 26 - Premiership Division - 1st Place with Se7en

ETF2L Awards

  - Best Premier Division Debut of the Season 25
  - Scout of the Season 26

                            S  K
                           O      A
                           U       R
                          P          I
                          <O> P U O S K A R I <O>
        WET FLOOR!*

  - No random adds please.
      - If you want an item signed by me -> Comment Below.
       - I sign for free but I've had quite many requests lately almost daily so it might take       some time as I've got other priorities.

      -> Random adds will be ignored, unless we know each other. (Mainly High/Prem       players)
      ->I keep my friendslist clean, thus I remove most ppl I don't know.
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ching Jun 21 @ 8:45pm 
Added for weapon signing
LstratosHF Jun 10 @ 12:26pm 
added for signing
wep sign plz
lexx Jun 9 @ 12:57pm 
added for weapon signing
iGOTPLeNTYDiCKTOShaRE Mar 20 @ 8:34pm 
Ice Monkey :D