Kenzie   Ontario, Canada
Hey, I'm Puff. Some Canadian guy.

I main pyro.
Comp Experience:
S11 HL: Team Hans Fortress [Iron] Starting Pyro/Team Leader (4-4)
S12 HL: tesPA [Steel] Starting pyro (3-5)
S13 HL: Secretly We are Kawaii. [SWAK] [Silver] (4-4)
S14 HL: PENCILS [CIA] [Silver] Main pyro (4-6)
S15 HL: No.2 Pencils [No.2] [Silver] Main pyro (7-5)
S16 HL: No.2 Pencils [No.2] [Silver] Main Pyro (5-4)
S17 HL: No.2 Pencils [No.2] [Silver] Main Pyro (5-3)
S18 HL: Social Justice Warriors [ʂJ.] [Gold] Main Pyro (8-3) #Wallamovic
S19 HL: EZ$ HL [EZ$] [Silver/"Gold"] Main Pyro (10-2) 1st Place "Gold"
S21 HL: No.2 Pencils [No.2] [Silver] Main Soldier (6-4)
S22 HL: Skate fast eat ass [Sfea] [Silver] Main Pyro (8-4)
S23 HL: Insane Amount of money eSports [$$$] [Platinum] Sub Pyro (7-4)
S20 6's: Crusty Craftmens Crowbar Crew. [Steel] Main roamer. 3rd place

Shoutout to Luxor:

TMP -ts-: uh
7:08 AM - TMP -ts-: fuck
7:08 AM - TMP -ts-: I'm done
7:08 AM - TMP -ts-: I'm retiring
7:08 AM - TMP -ts-: fuck that
7:08 AM - ʂJ.crab_f: gold does not escape gimmicky shit
7:09 AM - TMP -ts-: dude I've only been doing gimmicky shit all preseason
7:09 AM - TMP -ts-: and then literally 5 seconds of gimmicks outdoes like all of my month of gimmick
7:09 AM - TMP -ts-: I can never live up to that
7:09 AM - TMP -ts-: spring rolls fuckin decimates me in pyro v pyro and gets tauntkilled by puffalo I'm fuckin done

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