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Looking to be the team angel? Then look no further, for this guide is made to teach you on how to be a great medic at best and a decent medic at worst.
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Hot Haunted Ghosts Scattergun (Field-Tested)

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Smoking Hot Dogger
Steaming Hot Dogger
Blizzardy Storm Bonk Helm
Stormy Storm Bonk Boy
Kill-a-Watt Flipped Trilby
Circling Peace Sign Batter's Helm
Aces High Front Runner
Circling TF Logo Whoopee Cap
Electrostatic Bonk Leadwear
Steaming Ye Olde Baker Boy
Cloud 9 Bonk Helm (x2)
Haunted Ghosts Bonk Helm
Disco Beat Down Bonk Helm
Cloud 9 Bonk Boy
Cloud 9 Greased Lightning
Haunted Ghosts Batter's Helm
Neutron Star Wing Mann
Tesla Coil Wing Mann
Miami Nights Hermes
Kill-a-Watt Bonk Helm
Stormy Storm Bonk Helm
Neutron Star Federal Casemaker
Neutron Star Nasty Norsemann
Tesla Coil Nasty Norsemann
Disco Beat Down Well-Rounded Rifleman
Cloud 9 Well-Rounded Rifleman
Haunted Ghosts Dr's Dapper Topper
Cloud 9 Dr’s Dapper Topper
Vivid Plasma Dr's Dapper Topper
Flaming Lantern Troublemaker's Tossle Cap
Scorching Flames Flipped Trilby
Haunted Ghosts Ye Olde Baker Boy
Cloud 9 Troublemaker's Tossle Cap
Cloud 9 Killer's Exclusive
‘72 Soviet Strongarm
Skill Gotten Gains Yeti Smash
Mega Strike Conga
Fountain of Delight Deep Fried Desire
Skill Gotten Gains Carlton
Holy Grail Carlton
Screaming Tiger Mannrobics
Static Mist Yeti Smash
Circling Peace Sign Boxcar Bomber
Fountain of Delight Zoomin' Broom (x2)
Holy Grail Conga
Holy Grail Kazotsky Kick
‘72 Square Dance
Miami Nights Executioner
Static Mist Oblooterated
Disco Beat Down Federal Casemaker
Disco Beat Down Dr's Dapper Topper
Kill-a-Watt Safe’n’Sound
Mega Strike Rancho Relaxo
Kill-a-Watt Virtual Reality Helmet
Haunted Ghosts Flipped Trilby
Roaring Rockets Kazotsky Kick
Fountain of Delight Mannrobics (x2)
Holy Grail Schadenfreude
Showstopper Conga
Screaming Tiger High Five!
Mega Strike Square Dance
Silver Cyclone Flippin' Awesome
Midnight Whirlwind Rock, Paper, Scissors
Skill Gotten Gains Skullcracker
'72 Shred Alert
Showstopper Pool Party
Showstopper Bunnyhopper
Showstopper Scotsmann’s Stagger
Showstopper Rancho Relaxo
Circling Heart Head Hedge
'72 Conga
Holy Grail Kazotsky Kick
Pyroland Yule Hog
Fountain of Delight Conga
Fountain of Delight High Five!
Haunted Ghosts Well-Rounded Rifleman
Showstopper Kazotsky Kick
Haunted Ghosts Bonk Helm
peachie May 20 @ 5:38am 
scribbles outside of the lines smh
sidepow May 2 @ 7:42pm 
-rep, no good hats
peachie Feb 10 @ 5:40am 
actually enjoys eating gravel
peachie Jan 10 @ 10:29am 
Prefers zombie flesh over hot wings with tons of ranch dip.

peachie Jan 4 @ 5:52am 
Stuffs peas right out of the watery bowl, into his pants pockets. B)
peachie Dec 31, 2021 @ 8:34pm 
No I was being sarcastic you little ♥♥♥♥♥. B(

You know I absolutely find that disgusting 😭