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Competitive History :

UGC []

• HL S16 Iron 2nd Place (Malicious Medicine)
• HL S17 Steel Participant (Mom's Spaghetti)
• HL S18 Steel Participant (Mom's Spaghetti)
• HL S19 Steel Participant (BEENEST!)
• HL S20 Steel 1st Place (BEENEST!)
• HL S21 Silver 3rd Place (BEENEST!)
• HL S22 Platinum Participant (Fruit Salad)
• HL S26 Premium Participant (lil panamanians)
• 6s S22 Steel 3rd Place (Bear Naked Baby Lady)

ETF2L []

• Highlander Open #2 Tournament 1st Place (Presents Including Erections)
• HL Mid S11 Participant (Frosted Flakes ♥♥♥♥♥ DAMN!)
• HL Mid S12 Participant (NORLY's Rockets Love You)
• HL Mid S13 1st Place (Selective Attention)
• HL High S14 1st Place (Budget Toucans)
• HL Prem S15 Participant (Budget Toucans)
• HL Prem S16 Participant - Sub (InVision)
• HL Div1 S17 1st Place (
• HL Nation's Cup #6 (Team France)
• HL Div2 S19 Participant (
• HL Prem S21 Participant (Open_Squaad)
• 6s Low S27 Participant (Aeterna)

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silly billy superiority
76561199066484240 Jun 8 @ 4:20pm 
reverse mitosis your balls
76561199066484240 Jun 8 @ 4:17pm 
yoda's shortstack gobbo ♥♥♥♥♥
76561199066484240 Jun 8 @ 8:18am 
open the door or i'm gonna throw rocks through your window
76561199066484240 Jun 7 @ 2:36pm 
ooh the misery everybody in the world's my enemy
76561199066484240 Jun 1 @ 3:14pm 
Long live LGBTQ!