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convos and stuff I think were funny at a point or another
PSN: Kill_TimeKT
Xbox: Psych0 Pyro8

Mlink: So bro we gonna watch my hero?

Pixel Zombie: Remember
Pixel Zombie: It's not gay if you're sucking a girl's dick
Psycho Pyro: omg

Psycho Pyro: tom is your ps3 on?
Tom: oh shit
Psycho Pyro: LOL

n: Furries are retarded because they can only think with their pack.

MLink: You ever eat your food too fast and burp a chunk of it up
Me: Yeah, and then you have to eat it?

Psycho Pyro: the smaller your dick
Psycho Pyro: the less self esteem you have
Pixel Zombie: my balls are pretty big tbh
Pixel Zombie: and
Psycho Pyro: maybe you have cancer
Pixel Zombie: neat

After a long debate about overpriced CT things:
Pixel Zombie: any country who has to hire counter terrorists from the british sas is clearly fucked anyway
Psycho Pyro: are you shit talking your own country
Pixel Zombie: uuh
Pixel Zombie: i mean
Pixel Zombie: u
Pixel Zombie: h

Pixel Zombie: i just want your cock in my ass daddy :(

TheCrookedKing: A hoe is a hoe is a hoe
Psycho Pyro: yup
Psycho Pyro: shes also a feminist
Psycho Pyro: and an atheist
Psycho Pyro: the 2 combined are a bad combo
TheCrookedKing: XD
TheCrookedKing: I think thats spelled Nazi
Psycho Pyro: LOL

...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: sorry i had some family shit to do
treY: sucking the father off?
...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: fuck u trey my brother just broke his leg u asshole
Psycho Pyro: good
...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: fucking cunt
treY: fuck your brother
treY: i hope they amputate his leg
...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: i hope u get raped at 7-11 u cunt
treY: your brother just broke his leg yet you're sitting here playing csgo on the computer
...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: fucking nigger
Thomas: i hope your mother dies in a car crash
Veritas: they are just a clan of cunts, ignore them..
...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: hes coming home
treY: ...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: fuck u trey my brother just broke his leg u asshole
treY: ...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: fuck u trey my brother just broke his leg u asshole
treY: ...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: fuck u trey my brother just broke his leg u asshole
treY: ...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: fuck u trey my brother just broke his leg u asshole
treY: i hope he breaks it again
treY: he's a fag boy
Thomas: i hope it gets infected
...Panda...Curly Fries ☁: stfu thomas

Momo: I saw your steam account pretty legit 5 year old <------ Squeaker

"If your avatar picture is anime or MLP your opinion counts for 1/3 of a normal persons opinion. Its like an unspoken rule." - Filthy Frank

Robo The Pussy Master: Im waiting for these two chicks to finish their game
Psycho Pyro: jesus robo
Psycho Pyro: just fuck them already
Robo The Pussy Master: lol

Robo The Pussy Master: Me and these 4 chicks might play a game

Psycho Pyro: king your being too british staph
Phantom 冥: My British friends always say Im trying too hard to be American
Phantom 冥: It hurts me inside tho because I know that the real me is Japanese.

Me: Robo what are you gonna get for xmas?
Robo: Something for you
Me: :o
Robo: Jk I hate you
Me: :(
Robo: Jk I love you
Me: I love you too
Robo: Ik and its creepy

FalloutCell: Did you know that ever 4 minutes,a black guy fucks yo bitch?
Vault-Tec Employee Pyro: whoa
Vault-Tec Employee Pyro: good thing i am my own bitch
FalloutCell: So a black guy fucks you every 4 minutes?
Vault-Tec Employee Pyro: yup

4 hours till Fallout
HalfOfAMind: relax
HalfOfAMind: ur gonna
HalfOfAMind: be
Vault-Tec Employee Pyro: exploding
HalfOfAMind: in a hype induced
HalfOfAMind: coma

Santino - You know how fallout 4 is gonna have pixel art?
Me - Ye
Santino - Think about the bronies an-
Me - I think you just made me retarded

Psycho Pyro: once u go dick
Psycho Pyro: u never go back
TundraGuardian: Hm
TundraGuardian: Is that your pick up line?

TundraGuardian: You know what I think of when I talk to you?...
Psycho Pyro: filthy frank
TundraGuardian: I was watching an episode of Akame Ga Kill! today
TundraGuardian: and I almost cried...
TundraGuardian: He looks just like you

FatPanda: think of everything like this
FatPanda: if you normally have to pay to buy it
FatPanda: but some other way you can get it free
FatPanda: then it is illegal
FatPanda: period
Psycho Pyro: so most porn sites are illegal
FatPanda: nein
FatPanda: actually yes
FatPanda: probably quite a lot

Beefnbean: I'm a huge flirt but I don't get or particularly go after "chicks"
Beefnbean: that didnt sound right
Psycho Pyro: XD
Beefnbean: I'm not gay
Psycho Pyro: LMAO

Psycho Pyro: what whould u say
Psycho Pyro: if i said
KingPolar ❤: I'd suck the same dick its sucking
Psycho Pyro: LMAO
KingPolar ❤: id be like "is there room for me?"
KingPolar ❤: And that's the story of how I became a male porn star
KingPolar ❤: Gay male porn star*

Beefnbean: HNNGGG
Psycho Pyro: stop pooping
Beefnbean: you aren't my dad
Psycho Pyro: your my dad

● Reggin (no sound) : you're gay
NotASmurf : Like your moms pussy

"5 and over bend em over" - FatPanda 2014

Psycho Pyro: so like did u add me by accident or sumthing?
FalloutCell: Naw man i read your profile thing and laughed my ass off


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ah ♥♥♥♥ its dagoth
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you suck at games i heard
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Repblif Gosnuk
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*sniff* :cozycrashfish: dork
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I'm gonna suck all the Tristan out of you.
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Lookin like a 5 course meal daddy