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It sounds like "Sigh-Key".
I enjoy Virtual Japanese Girls. :lovebubble:
Modern Warfare (2019) & The Division 2 enjoyer. Just for kicks. 🥋
"Art of the feet & hands."

Mono no Aware :cagedsunset:.

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Laptop: HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop. CPU: Ryzen 5 4600H. GPU: GTX 1650 4GB.
It's not much, but it runs most of the games I play at around medium settings.
Mouse: Glorious Model D
Keyboard: Ducky One 2 Mini (Cherry MX Brown)
Microphone: Samson Q2U
Pencil: Uni Kuru Toga
Uniform: Adidas Adi-Start
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『 The First Star of the Future 』
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Yahallo. I'm just some guy who's been a Vocaloid fan since 2010. :hatsunemiku:
Favorite Hatsune Miku songs: Hand in Hand, Tell Your World, Kimagure Mercy, Sekiranun Graffiti.
Favorite IA songs: Into Starlight, Shooting Star, Otsukimi Recital.

Some of the shows I enjoy include Sword Art Online (Mainly GGO Arc), Grand Blue, Release The Spyce, Oregairu, & Seitokai Yakuindomo.

I occasionally do Tae Kwon Do mostly cause kicks are fun. Made it just up to Junior Black Belt.
I enjoyed Japanese Martial Arts such as Karate and Judo, but that was many years ago.

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We're not in heaven but we've got angels by our side.
Kenta, a high school student, keeps thinking about monsters which haunt him. When a monster does appear in front of him on his way to school, he thinks it's the end of his life. Suddenly, two guardian angels, Sayaka and Hikari appear before him and eliminate the monster. Later on, they transfer to Kenta's school to keep him safe as their objective is to protect Kenta from the monsters.

Compared to Sakura Spirit, this Visual Novel has a similar art style and has some improvements. The lighting on the backgrounds will change a bit so that the picture isn't just "still" and the backgrounds are more vibrant. The fight scenes are more interesting to watch with varied illustrations. There's a bit more action compared to the "2 girls standing and talking" kind of scenes.

You are given choices but most of them just lead to different dialogues that don't effect the story too much. Sometimes, you can choose what you want to know and eventually you will get to pick all the choices.

The soundtrack is on a Youtube playlist, but there isn't an official steam release for the music (even though Sakura Spirit did). Other than that, the soundtrack fits the tone of the Novel, but I wouldn't really say it is anything interesting. As of 9/8/2015, there is now voice acting (only when certain characters talk).

Should you buy it?
If you liked Sakura Spirit, including the fanservice, you may like this one more. It has a present high school setting and still has some magic to it.

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Best babe out there
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