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Well hello there my name is JEFF plz dont try to scam me bcuz its pointless and will get u trade banned. My youtube is youtube
feel free to sub and like every video :D. I also have twitch [twitch.tv] Also if ya want u can donate my skins and send a trade offer i do trading i accept as long as offer is reasonable. If ya want to play csgo w me feel free to add me. If you want to recruit me for ur clan group csgo team or whatever also add me as a friend goodbye and hav a gud day.
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✪TGP25|Pvpro.com Jul 6 @ 8:31am 
i never met a guy who went too far srry
✪TGP25|Pvpro.com Jul 6 @ 8:31am 
i was just trolling you :/
✪TGP25|Pvpro.com Jul 2 @ 11:03pm 
omg the english, stop the terror! * fucking *match making *silver *belong *cunt. geez u cant even salt right. XD
Dipoh Jul 2 @ 9:05am 
go fuckin play mm and your silvers friends you dont beong in face it
Dipoh Jul 2 @ 9:04am 
RuaL CS.MONEY Jul 2 @ 1:02am 
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:insincere_health: REP
:bluejelly: Steam profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/RuaLoS/
:greenjelly: Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtBwfOr9IpmQARO2I82VJZA
:redjelly: Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RuaLoS
:orangejelly: Go to my profile and sign back !
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