Herr Fur-her   Moses Lake, Washington, United States
Little person, big talk, big heart, an a bit of a shaky place with people, but at least I can say I'm trying to improve. Little frantic sometimes, always caring an even when I'm at my angriest, I'm still holding back to be someone that you can care about. Sometimes I just need a little bit of a tender hug or push or nudge. That's all.

I'm a person that's intimately familiar with every spectrum of emotion an as such, I can be your best friend, but you gotta work with me; if you argue, an try to push, I'll push back ten times as hard. But knowing that I'm a selfishly selfless person, loving, an potent, if you still decide to come into my domain, you're more than welcome to be one of my few, unforgettable friends.
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yo fam you wanna fric' en weed it up
ignore that invite i sent it on complete accident
Shogarts Aug 15 @ 9:41pm 
that dude is a "christian furry," i dont think those 2 go together