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16 лют о 10:14
У темі «Revoke Keys about!»
Цитата допису Redrogames:
Цитата допису Green Skeleton:

I really like your game. I don't know why you did this.

My english not enough to tell. I build simple sentences. I dont know how the Steam keys work. Keys were give 7 months ago to gogo bundle. But they didnt send me unused 8000 keys. And my game was launch consoles. If they sell these key,my console sales might be affected. I wanted block this. And I thought that the users have already activated the game. Cancellation of keys does not damage them. But I was wrong. I'm not even happy that the game is on the consoles. I've been in this mess for 3 days. And There are lots of tweet and youtuber "Scam dev or dirty dev serkan bakar". I am not good for this. I hope you understand becasuse this sentences lots of google translate.

Who did the English for the game?

"I'm not even happy that the game is on the consoles."

Is this in reference to the recent events or is this port against your will?

Regardless, my positive review is staying.
16 лют о 9:51
У темі «SidAlpha's Video on the Key Revoking Situation»
Цитата допису Mr Grim:
Цитата допису LazyJoeBeard:
The sad thing is the game looks good. But I guess I will pass on it now.
i know right. it actually looked good. but what hes done is just bull.

It's actually really good. It's just on the short side, but it's one of the few retro indie games of this style that I've wanted to replay.
16 лют о 9:46
У темі «Revoke Keys about!»
Цитата допису Redrogames:
Sorry all. My keys finished. Sended 1000 keys. I requested again from steam. I am waiting new key. I am trying send one by one email. Please understand. Thankyou

I really like your game. I don't know why you did this.
15 лют о 3:32
У темі «Revoke Keys about!»
His game is actually really good too, so this is just weird and disheartening
4 лют о 21:54
У темі «Purchased because of English support»
Needs more english, obviously. Played the rat mini game and the guy spoke all Chinese. Really enjoying it though.
30 жов 2018 о 13:14
У темі «How to remove Black Bars in Cutscenes on engine on 21/9?»
Wait, is this game still censored?
19 жов 2018 о 16:08
У темі «Pretty Disappointed»
I went in with the idea that I'd leave this game a positive review, but the game left me pretty flat.

I know what you're going for, but the meta narrative of the filters wasn't at all intergrated with playing the game. I haphazardly switched between them until I found the one I liked and that was it; you really could replace the opening menu with just an in game option. If I were to design this game, I'd do it exactly as you did, but have the filters be unlocked as you made progress through the game like after a certain amount of coins, or even boldly, beating the game over and over for some of those specific achievements. Maybe start with the most current one, then regress or start with the oldest and progress.

That's just me. I won't leave a negative review, because while your game isn't super authentic, I was hoping that element would pay off - but not really.
29 вер 2018 о 21:10
У темі «Need to make the store page not so X-rated»
Also make it an adults only game
24 вер 2018 о 0:31
У темі «Welp, turned out there IS a god.»
Цитата допису KittyKat:
Maybe you should just go and play one of your AAA games like "Fairy Bloom Freesia" LOL Loser !!

OP has 109 hours in Fallout 2 (a game with real choices unlike Telltale games), so I'm on his side in this instance.
14 вер 2018 о 0:45
У темі «@Dev. How is it going with the "mature content survey"»
I don't think you did it right because I can still find the game on Steam through my browser. Whereas Melty's Quest doesn't show up unless you're logged in and have approved everything.
11 вер 2018 о 22:50
19 лип 2018 о 0:02
У темі «A small compensation for us OG Culling players.»
"I didn't play The Culling 2 and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."
18 лип 2018 о 9:41
У темі «WE BACK BABY! (Day One Culling coming back)»
Цитата допису McFlurry:
About time. Culling back in 2016 was the only fun build, and they only made it worse and worse after that. And now the culling 2 which is basically a H1Z1 ripoff. Hopefully it's good..

Can somebody explain what made the original version fun?
13 лип 2018 о 9:36
У темі «How many days in this game?»
Give my review a thumbs up

And it's 38 IIRC
10 лип 2018 о 1:55
У темі «Online COOP»
Цитата допису *OCB* Pekusuii | Shu:
Цитата допису Futilizer:
Is it possible for me to invite a friend to play streets of rage or any of the other games that now have multiplayer?

In reality yeah the answer is correct, but both players need to have the same OS, like WIndows - Windows, or Mac - Mac... If one have Windows and the other Mac, it won't work, it will say that your friend is in a different platform to play..

I did not know that.
9 лип 2018 о 7:54
У темі «Online COOP»
Цитата допису Futilizer:
Is it possible for me to invite a friend to play streets of rage or any of the other games that now have multiplayer?

You both need to own it though and you can invite them through Steam
4 лип 2018 о 4:01
У темі «PATCH 2 - 04 JULY 2018»
Цитата допису Gorynych Snake:
and keyboard settings fix ?

4 лип 2018 о 2:54
У темі «PATCH 2 - 04 JULY 2018»
"•Restored ability to customise controller configuration in-game."

Blessed. Thank you.
3 лип 2018 о 2:27
У темі «Trading cards and emoticons?»
Цитата допису Screaming Villains:
We submitted them. They just need to be approved.

Any news?
3 лип 2018 о 2:24
У темі «A bit of rational thought for once, oops.»
Цитата допису Sisidem:
As for an uncut version, the community is going to have to do that.

Fans make mods. There aren't any fans of this heap
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