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:white:Born in: Morioh

:white:Age: :cleanhourglass:

:white:Music preferences: Rock and Metal are my favourite types of music, but I also like dubstep.
My actual favourite song is this one: ☞  ͜ʖ  ☞

:white:Favourite anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. May sound generic, but I love it.

:white:Favourite game: Dishonored. It's a fucking masterpiece, even without taking the dlc's to consideration. Play it. Just do it.

:white:Favourite food: I'm going to say tacos. Mexican food is best food.

:white:Favourite drink: Coffee.

:white: Miscellaneous :white:

:white:I main Demo in Team Fortress 2. I love his personality, his weapons and I always liked scottish people. Don't ask.

:white:I don't (and won't) play games competitively, for various reasons. The main being that getting stressed because I didn't win that or I should've won that....would make me hate a game. If you like that, okay, but don't try to drag me into a competitive play.

:white:I don't trade. So if you came here to make an offer, sorry.

:white:My actual PC is a slow motherfucking piece of shit, and I'm too lazy to put my specs here. I hope I get a new one soon, because god, this is fucking painful.

:white: Games I usually play :white:

:white: Team Fortress 2

:white: Enter the Gungeon

:white: Duck Game

:white: PayDay 2

:white: Stardew Valley

:white: People I can always count on : SmokedBridge63, Plotvis, Draxx, Axe Gang,
Ression, Nick Furless, Dedruck, Rain, Mark.