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My UGC Page [www.ugcleague.com]
(Silver)(Sniper) Highlander Team: Catbud
(Platinum) (Scout) 6's Team: Moonlight Dive
(Silver) (Soldier) 4's Team: Some Weeb Shit

Comp Stuff
Season 18 Iron Highlander (Sniper) Team: Imperium Sine Fine Dedi Score: 5-3
Season 19 Steel Highlander (Sniper) Team: Armored Saints 2 Score: 4-4
Season 20 Steel Highlander (Sniper) Team: Blackjack and Hookers Score: 6-3
Season 21 Silver HIghlander (Sniper) Team: The Bessemer Process Score: 3-5
Season 22 Silver Highlander (Scout) Team: Vengeance Score: 4-4
Season 23 Silver Highlander (Pyro) Team: Ace-9 Score: 9-4 Third Place
Season 24 Silver Highlander (Scout) Team: Ascension Score: 6-4

Season 20 Iron 6's (Roamer) Team: Sons Of Ninurta Score: 5-4
Season 21 Iron 6's (Roamer) Team: Ripperoni In Pepperoni Score: 5-3
Season 22 Steel 6's (Pocket) Team: Outback Fraghouse Score: 4-4
Season 23 Steel 6's (Scout) The Bessemer Process Score: 9-2 Third Place
Season 24 Platinum 6's (Scout) Steel Moveups Score: 7-5 Fourth Place

Season 10 Silver 4's (Med/Soldier) The Squad Score: 9-2 Second Place
Season 11 Gold 4's (Med) The Squad Score: 4-5
Season 12 Gold 4's (Multiple Classes) The Squad Score: 4-5

Season 2 RGL Comp Low (Multiple Classes) The News Score: 6-1 First Place!

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Pelican (Iz Ded)

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Battle .net: Poseidon#1214
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Kumora is bae
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The Talos Principle
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I heard Poseidon is BAD
yyalla May 10 @ 9:07pm 
margaret Apr 18 @ 6:27pm 
ice poseidon
I miss the old Poseidon, straight from the Go Poseidon
Chop up the soul Poseidon, set on his goals Poseidon
I hate the new Poseidon, the bad mood Poseidon
The always rude Poseidon, spaz in the news Poseidon
I miss the sweet Poseidon, chop up the beats Poseidon
I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet Poseidon
See, I invented Poseidon, it wasn't any Poseidons
And now I look and look around and there's so many Poseidons
I used to love Poseidon, I used to love Poseidon
I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Poseidon
What if Poseidon made a song about Poseidon
Called "I Miss The Old Poseidon"? Man, that'd be so Poseidon
That's all it was Poseidon, we still love Poseidon
And I love you like Poseidon loves Poseidon