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Personal Achievements


Shoot a clay pigeon

Top That!

Set a high score with every gun in every mode.


Shoot all four pigs in a game of Trap Mode

Damn Fine

Shoot two clay pigeons at once

Cleaning Up

Shoot every prop in Trap Mode

Stop the Invasion!

Shoot down 50 UFOs

No Animals Were Harmed...

Shoot all the metal animals in Skeet Mode

What a Mess!

Get 12,000 or more points in Trap Mode

Spin Me 'Round

Get a time below 2 seconds in Quickdraw Mode

Winner! Winner!

Play a perfect game of Skeet Mode

The Red Room

Find the dev room

Off The Walls

Get 15 or more points in Bounce Mode

Some Animals Were Harmed

Get 2,000 or more points in Animal Gallery Mode

Another Brick

Get 8,000 or more points in Targetwall Mode