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Personal Achievements

Secret 3

Find the dead cat.

Secret 4

Discover the ancient aliens.

Secret 5

Help the pianist.

Secret 1

Shrink the eye.

Secret 2

Touch the moon bunny.


Find the umbrella.

Magnifying glass

Find the magnifying glass.

Paint bucket

Find the paint bucket.

Shell necklace

Find the shell necklace.


Find the compass.


Find the glasses.

Bag of seeds

Find the bag of seeds.


Find the hat.

Stuffed doll

Find Blockhead.

Heart-shaped key

Find the heart-shaped key.

Juice box

Find the juice box.

ID card

Find the ID card.


Find the bullet.

Bus card

Find the bus card.

The pill

Find the pill.


Find the watch.

The end

Finish the game.