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Jun 30 @ 7:40am
In topic Any News? ANY?
I know maybe some people still may be upset about no release on Q2 thanks to the lawsuit, but the thing is there will at least be a hopefully legitimate announcement on July 12th. Though I'm trying not to raise my expectations too high, I'm still excited.

Edit: about the lawsuit, which I still think is meaningless, the game could still get a name change.
Jun 29 @ 4:07pm
In topic Any News? ANY?
For me, a July 11th announcement is better than nothing.
Originally posted by orchid9_:
Originally posted by Damien Azreal:
Wrath is developed using Darkplaces.
The game is not being built in the original idTech1 engine, and then being run through a source port.

It is being developed on Darkplaces, as it gives the team the ability to push the Quake 1 tech much further then it was originally could.

Does it use any features specific for Darkplaces version they are using? Is it a fork of Darkplaces or something like that?
Because I don't think there is any features of Darkplaces engine that other source ports hasn't done waaaaay better.
Most modern engines like FTEQW or QuakeSpasm are light years better than anything Darkplaces can offer, and with way better compatibility. That's why Darkplaces is popular for visual enhancements of original quake (which is counter-productive for experience Wrath is aiming for), but are quite disliked by mappers and modders.

Any avid Quake fan wil want to switch to better source port like QuakeSpasm. For better network code, just as example.
As a lover of Quakespasm I pretty much agree with this.
Jun 21 @ 9:18am
In topic Q2 (Release Date) ends June 30th
Originally posted by Kalter|Tod:
This game has been delayed twice actually, the original release was scheduled for Q3 2018, Then it was pushed back to Q1 2019, Then yet again it was pushed back to Q2 2019.

If the game is delayed yet again this would be the 3rd time that it has been pushed back.

That being said I am kind of disappointed, however if this is what it takes to get the game up to snuff and totally completed then I will be happy to wait yet again, truth be told I have not touched the ion maiden demo for months.

With the lawsuit going on and all this will really cut into 3DR's bottom line and it will be a miracle if this does not affect their other titles that are in development negatively.

Lets just hope they release a quality product when it arrives.
Jun 20 @ 1:35pm
In topic Q2 (Release Date) ends June 30th
I meant from Discord, by the way.
Jun 20 @ 11:54am
In topic Q2 (Release Date) ends June 30th
And there's a legit developer response, ladies and gentlemen!
Saw your video and it was pretty nice. I'm also hoping the same thing as you are, but the developers did say that the lawsuit won't impact development negatively.
Jun 19 @ 8:57pm
In topic Any News? ANY?
Originally posted by wasabidög:
No matter what we'll hear something from them by June the 31st, as they did promise a Q2 release, and will have to address that even if they don't make that deadline. Either way, the next thing we'll hear from them will be the release date or what the games situation is release date wise.
This right here.
Jun 19 @ 8:56pm
In topic Q2 (Release Date) ends June 30th
Sometimes, release dates don't tend to be accurate, but I'm getting worried about this one. 3DRealms might tell us something sooner than later, but only when the lawsuit is settled.
Jun 19 @ 4:17pm
In topic No News for a YEAR
This post made me lose all of my sanity. And it's heartbreaking. I've never felt so sorry for the followers of Croteam and Serious Sam, including ourselves.
Jun 19 @ 11:02am
In topic Question about Q2 2019
Originally posted by Retodon8:
I've read "false advertising" a few times now, so I looked it up, and an unintended delay is not mentioned on Wikipedia: I don't think I've ever seen it referred to as such before either.
Unintended delays still might be considered false advertising even if not mentioned on the Wikipedia.
Jun 19 @ 10:31am
In topic Question about Q2 2019
Originally posted by Kalter|Tod:
Q2 2019 means they have 11 days left to release the game on time as promised. I am not going to really throw a fit until they go pass the promised delivery date. Once they go beyond that then they are into the realm of false advertising... I will continue to be patient. Keep up the good work developers.
If they announce something before Q2 is over, that would be appreciated. If not, then yes, it will really be considered false advertising.
Jun 19 @ 5:54am
In topic Question about Q2 2019
Originally posted by Henry Swanson:
Originally posted by PootisMayo:
They have stated a few times that the lawsuit isn't impacting Ion Maiden's development.

Most of us believe that, but that's not the point. What we would like to know is when the game will be released.
Jun 19 @ 4:42am
In topic Question about Q2 2019
They have stated a few times that the lawsuit isn't impacting Ion Maiden's development.
But what if they do change the name? As far as I know, it could take a while for a game (and also its merchandise) to be renamed.
Jun 16 @ 6:14am
In topic Somebody alive? Game canceled ?
Originally posted by OpossumForce.Luke:
If they can't talk about the game's future for the time being because of the lawsuit, they should just say so. That would be much better than radio silence, which guaranteed to lead to speculation and discontent.
Originally posted by Zapmaster:
Originally posted by Terepin:
Oh look! They finally managed to caught up with Far Cry 3. Well ain't that cute.

Interesting. I had no idea Far Cry 3 had thousands of enemies on screen at once.
Sarcasm detected.

Anyways, let's not throw Far Cry jokes in this, OK?
Jun 15 @ 9:31am
In topic Somebody alive? Game canceled ?
I'm still being patient for this game no matter what.
Originally posted by H5AR6T:
The map is awfully empty.
Like Terepin's soul.
At this point, the lawsuit has made people worry about the state of the Ion Maiden, thinking is was quietly canceled, when 3DRealms didn't state any news about it yet. Until more news chime comes, I will set my mind on other games.

The least they could maybe do is change the name of it, but wait, Iron Maiden was pretty much named after an old torture device, and another FPS named Powerslave somehow didn't get a lawsuit from Iron Maiden somehow. Still pretty cursed if you ask me.
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