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Unepic Games is their new name now.
And people still think we were scammed by the developers...
Jul 7 @ 5:53am
In topic Sound Issues
Sadly I can't remember my CPU. I'm away from my computer for a week and I'll check it when I return home.
Jul 6 @ 3:32pm
In topic Sound Issues
Originally posted by Leon:
What are your specs?

Are you using any sound plugins with your hardware?
Can't remember my specs for now, but I run on a GTX 960 with no sound plugins, I think.
Jul 5 @ 1:48pm
In topic Sound Issues
First off, thank you Indefatigable and New Blood for providing an amazing Amid Evil experience for the first four episodes. I've never enjoyed anything this much.

Now I'd like to mention just one issue: the sound glitches. For example, if I go up an elevator and look up, the sound of the elevator rising stops playing until I look down. Or if I look away from an enemy, it doesn't make any sound. Is there any chance this whole sound issue could be fixed? Other than that, this is still a crazy awesome game.
Jul 5 @ 11:45am
Jul 2 @ 8:35pm
In topic The name is being changed
Indeed it is.
Jul 2 @ 11:40am
In topic The name is being changed
Originally posted by RaulBovaAsGuderian:
I hope there is the launch trailer. If the 11 is the announcement of the date of the trailer where is the announcement with the release date, it will be too stressful
Jul 2 @ 9:07am
In topic The name is being changed
Originally posted by Death Grips:
Originally posted by DavoX:
Name change is only a small part of the announcements.
Wait, if you guys caved into the legal pressure and changed the name, then what is the additional month or so delay for? Many others along with myself have been left under the impression that the lawsuit was the primary cause for the unexpected postponement.
Jul 2 @ 5:53am
In topic The name is being changed
A name change seems like one of the announcements but there has to be more.
Jul 1 @ 8:31pm
In topic Any News? ANY?
I think that even with a name change Ion Maiden won't be impacted negatively.
Jul 1 @ 1:01pm
In topic Any News? ANY?
Originally posted by Azure Fang:
Fully expecting the announcement to be:

Judge said 'Iron Maiden is ♥♥♥♥♥♥' and threw the case out. So here's the Ion Maiden release. Enjoy, ye feckers.

I know, not happening. But you can't stop me from dreaming!
Post of the year.
Jun 30 @ 5:28pm
In topic Any News? ANY?
Will we know if the lawsuit is over?
Just my point is that if there were no news of something for very long, I would set my mind elsewhere.

I hate to break it to you, but if you were still excited for an upcoming game ten years later...well...I'll let you finish this thought.
Originally posted by Serious Sam(BG):
I think the fact that it will be Epic Store Exclusive for year is exciting enough for the months to come... :)
The answer is simple: we can't.

Funny story: I asked the same thing in a now-removed rad87gn thread.
Jun 30 @ 7:40am
In topic Any News? ANY?
I know maybe some people still may be upset about no release on Q2 thanks to the lawsuit, but the thing is there will at least be a hopefully legitimate announcement on July 12th. Though I'm trying not to raise my expectations too high, I'm still excited.

Edit: about the lawsuit, which I still think is meaningless, the game could still get a name change.
Jun 29 @ 4:07pm
In topic Any News? ANY?
For me, a July 11th announcement is better than nothing.
Originally posted by orchid9_:
Originally posted by Damien Azreal:
Wrath is developed using Darkplaces.
The game is not being built in the original idTech1 engine, and then being run through a source port.

It is being developed on Darkplaces, as it gives the team the ability to push the Quake 1 tech much further then it was originally could.

Does it use any features specific for Darkplaces version they are using? Is it a fork of Darkplaces or something like that?
Because I don't think there is any features of Darkplaces engine that other source ports hasn't done waaaaay better.
Most modern engines like FTEQW or QuakeSpasm are light years better than anything Darkplaces can offer, and with way better compatibility. That's why Darkplaces is popular for visual enhancements of original quake (which is counter-productive for experience Wrath is aiming for), but are quite disliked by mappers and modders.

Any avid Quake fan wil want to switch to better source port like QuakeSpasm. For better network code, just as example.
As a lover of Quakespasm I pretty much agree with this.
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