“That’ll hold em alwight heheheh”

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Pootendo: you're illegal
Dagothur: you're deported
Pootendo: damn.....

What are you still doing here.......
The_Blader 2月24日上午12:40 
Nice :bbtagruby:
Pootendo-Twitch 2月23日下午5:52 
The_Blader 2月23日上午10:36 
Do you like Monster-Heavy?
Pootendo-Twitch 1月7日下午3:54 
Its nothing bad i just was wondering if you could help me with somethin
Pootendo-Twitch 1月7日下午3:51 
I know you are good with rigging on blender i just really wanted to talk to you about that considering you used to make hales
¡ byteframe 😪 is sure ! 2018年11月27日下午12:31 
🐠 ❀ 🐝 I had another dream the other day about music critics. They were small
💄 ❀ 📘 and rodent-like with padlocked ears, as if they had stepped out of a
🐛 ❀ 🌽 painting by Goya.
🐳 ❀ 🎁 -- Stravinsky 🌋👽🐝