I change my profile image and name a lot... because reasons :D

-more info below; including rules on adding-

A little about me

So firstly; Real talk here; I'm going through a lot. I'm under serous stress. I wont go into detail- but please, be patent and use common sense? I don't wanna deal with nonsense right now. Thank you for understanding <3

yes; my name is pony biased; no, I'm not the kind to force that crap down your thought. I actually Don't watch the show and dislike the fandom. The characters are just adorable to me, and their world has a lot of possibility and potential, like Skyrim's and StarTrek's universes... but anyway--


I'll be getting into trading again rather soon. if your have things you want to discuss; tell me in the comments; BUT- The unusual Lil Bitey is out of the question

Trade Link


I don't like accepting random friend requests. Please at least put a comment on why I should add you or something. I don't want to have 800 people on my friends list that never talk to me, ya know? I want a friend- not a name on a list. if we don't talk at all after the first add-- then i'll remove you.

A little more about me

All that out of the way; HI!

As I said before; My name and Icon changed a lot- You can either refer to me by my current screen name (preferred), or by my channel name "Pony_Phreak". If you've added me, I suggest adding a nickname to me on steam, just so you don't lose me when I change my name for the 400th time that week.

Yes; I said channel- as in YouTube, Twitch, and stuff. Currently; I haven't posted anything due to serous, serous, serous stress and life stuff... Like I said; Not going into detail.. but I should be able to release stuff sometime soon. As I get more out there, I will post links here and the like.

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King Gaius Netheryne Oct 10 @ 7:34pm 
A bloody joy to 'ear! :Longship: Let's fight for the Demos to drink 'n explode those bastards! :sticky:
Twilight~ Oct 10 @ 7:33pm 
Im not sure I know what my "main" really is- but demo is defiantly in top 3 right now.
King Gaius Netheryne Oct 10 @ 7:06pm 
King Gaius Netheryne Oct 10 @ 7:06pm 
Are ye ah Demo Main by chance?