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When it comes to porn games there really isn't much to say, they usually have a lucky bastard get laid with 4 to 6 chicks with zero to none effort with some wacky hijacks on their adventure (usually some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ horny bug or something) and I will say I though porn games peaked with Lust Epidemic - since I'm a sucker for supernatural murder mysteries. But this, THIS is truly remarkable.

Ironically, I have yet to play a porn game with a mature story-line but this is just amazing. This game is a classic visual novel with some mini-games to change up the game with a killer soundtrack and addictive fighting mechanics. Does the game have plenty of lewd images? Yes, but honestly that ♥♥♥♥ is copper compared to the gold that the story is.

I haven't played PinkCake's previous game, but based on how well written this game is I might have to give it a try. The story literally made me... cry, yes, a PORN game made me cry because of its story. Unlike other games, each character you interact with has its own conflicts and personality to boot making it really fun and slightly realistic when it comes to the interactions you make. Each character feels like they're alive, they feel like they're actually an obstacle that you have to overcome to make progress and they feel like they're actually interacting with the world they're set in and not just you.

No amount of words can describe how good the story is, all I can say is... just try it because I guarantee you that you'll at least be surprised by the quality storytelling. Can't wait for season 2.

EDIT 1: Everything I said above still stands, the only thing I wanna add is... ♥♥♥♥ this game for making me look like a loser for having me spend over 100+ trying to get all the achievements until I finally caved in and bought the guide... that's all. Still love the story and if anything, playing through it all and preparing all the different routes for each character - using the guide to get 100% affection with each person made me really appreciate the story more and having small dialogue changes depending on your rank can really change the moment or make it more memorable.

EDIT 2: I see people complain about the fact that you HAVE to be a piece of ♥♥♥♥, but you don't... I remember hearing a YouTuber I watch say that you have to be a sociopath to get certain scenes and I couldn't disagree more, of course, she's entitled to her own opinion but I don't think she's right on that. Yes, you have to be a, no pun intended, ♥♥♥♥ for certain characters and act like a douche but that doesn't stop you from being a genuine person - sure you have to act like a douchebag to get a lot more exciting scenes but not sociopathic level.

But I will agree on one thing that she said, as of currently and by my brief look into Season 2, the choice you make by being either a ♥♥♥ or a CHICK is nice and lock you into a certain path but there isn't any real reward for being neutral, sure there are minor changes but for the most part, people who are on the fence or are indecisive seem to lose out here - I don't mind it because I think it lets people either out of their comfort zone or entices them to do new stuff they're not used to, but what's the point of the ♥♥♥ and CHICK system if you can't be neutral without losing out on a lot.
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So before I somehow manage to put into words how much I love this game, let me tell you that this game is - by itself - only 2 hours long, with probably 3 hours of extra content if you were to play throughout the other endings. As for new content, there really isn't much to brag about - there are some small changes and a few new puzzles that might surprise fans like me but nothing to brag about so for that alone and for the current price - objectively this game is not worth it.

But why do I still recommend it? Simply put, it's my favourite game of all time - I know funny. An RPG maker horror game from 2012 is my favourite game of all time... but why?

The game mixes something I adore but can't understand and mixes it with the imagination of players alongside any interpretation they may have. Ib is a game that actually manages to create something creative in a genre that is generally filled with overused tropes and similar-looking creatures, don't get me wrong I love games like the Crooked Man but the tropes and story can be predictable but with Ib, I never had that feeling or the 'gotcha' moment.

First, let's talk about the art style, the original game in 2012 was unique in its own way by having very fin - almost famished, looking characters roam the art gallery and the only 'muscular' character (Gary) only seems that way because of his coat. The art within the game manages to stand out by being a bit thicker and chubbier putting it apart from our human characters, there are also unrealistic designs compared to our characters giving us an idea of the kind of a man the artist that created them, is. The art style mixed with a few 16-bit full artworks really made me fall in love with the game, especially since I haven't seen anything like it before - usually, it would be an IRL image bit crushed to fit the style and resolution

Then comes the idea, like all people we all like looking at art, some of us like creating or paying for art and me myself, I'm on the latter side where I enjoy art and don't mind paying for custom art from people on the internet and although I've seen art being used as a platformer, learning and even management game - I've never actually seen it be used for horror. Sure, some games would have a painting come to life or have statues from a museum move around however I haven't seen a full game set in an art gallery where every painting or every stature may be the very same enemy we would try to escape - that right there made me love this game even more. On top of that, the very idea of using art lets for abstract ideas and their own interpretation - the fact that each proper ending reminds us that we forget what we doing brings a whole new bag of worms making people question if Ib was merely lost in the art, gone possibly insane or it all actually happen - this is also the reason why I think the fanbase has persisted for so long, especially on sites where art is focused on heavily.

Then lastly comes the characters, now I'll be honest, the best due of small innocent defenceless girl and the fatherly or strong male figure helping her out has been done to pieces, most commonly and well made in TellTale: The Walking Dead Season 1/2 and The Last of Us 1, however here it's a bit different - this is mainly because of how short the game is and the different sacrifices Garry can make. But first, let's start with Ib - a small girl just visiting an art gallery with her parents suddenly being put into a world of who knows where she is, what would a kid like her do? Touch, take and read everything she can - a mechanic that is normal in RPG maker games is now better introduces and allowed to exist in this world thanks to how the character works, in addition, the fact that Ib can only carry 4 items - 1 of which is almost always occupied by her rose - really makes us believe that we're just a child looking around, exploring but also scared because they don't know where we are, at one point she even passes out of stress and fails to keep her tough-looking persona in front of Garry... at the end of it all, she's just a child. Garry, a man who really isn't fit to take care of a child but does anyways because of convenience and later on because, just like us, he naturally grows to care for Ib - even making sure that she's safe from harm's way and keeping her innocence by keeping inappropriate stuff away from her, a man who isn't a father immediately acts like on just based on instincts alone. A beautiful idea. And lastly Mary, a child who wants to be free but is not allowed to, a character we want to hate because of how manipulative and evil she can be (especially in the remaster) but somehow we understand her and wish for that ending with her.

Overall, I think this game is a beautiful idea with an eerie but wonderful setting with ideas that can be explored forever, a game with a cast of characters that are fun and emotional. A game worth playing... but maybe not for the current amount.
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