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:sbgary: Hello, you must be here for some reason, welcome. If you wanna trade you'll need to talk to my friend. :sbspat:

Beta tester for Team Fortress 2 Classic, involved with Pre-Fortress 2’s development, barley
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♌ 𝐋𝐞𝐨 ♌
This is leo, sign of the lion! Hear him roar. The typical leo has a voice as pleasant as a dental drill. If you have a leo in your family, I suggest you move out or buy ear muffs. Leos often grow up to be junior high school vice principals. I'm your Nicktoons Astrologer Squidward, saying my powers are as real as any other psychic's, and I'm a cartoon.
Prediction - In the twelve months ahead, everyone you know will get one year older.
Songbird Jun 29 @ 9:50pm 
Hey Johnny, I just came up with a new song... Music and lyrics both by Gyro Zeppeli!
*Dramatic pose for no reason*
Pizza Mozzarella, Pizza Mozzarella, relarellarella rellarellarella!
bumpmap Jun 16 @ 1:37pm 
you are stup
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haed ptas