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PASJE 16 hours ago 
i send you an offer check it out pls :)
✪ KOTA 20 hours ago 
added ^^
✪ bailey 21 hours ago 
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L1m0n GG CS.MONEY Apr 23 @ 1:52am 
Hello. I want to exchange M4A4 Zirka with a sticking howl for an ordinary bayonet-knife.
If you refuse, I'm a little offended I want to make myself a birthday present. You have a second bayonet in your inventory. The sticker costs $ 320, and the knife is $ 160. You'll be a jubilee person who will refuse to exchange me. Do you agree to an exchange?
L1m0n GG CS.MONEY Apr 23 @ 1:08am 
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marlin loot.farm cs.money Apr 22 @ 7:30pm 
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