No one   Canada
We ain't got time
Where did all the time go?
I just want to bring back my friends from internet and games from 2011-2018... why I can't.. They can be already dead or being murdered while I'm writing this..
When I find at least one of them, they just don't remember me...

"Mhmmm hmm hmm"
Here I sit, at the fountain in the mall, with this soothing melody of an unknown voice whispering through my headphones, my backpack on, eating cup noodles and procrastinating on my studies; A mother with her approximately 5 year old child sit down infront of me. From the back, she looks like she's twenty-something with a slim, fragile body and her hair cut short. Her son is holding onto her with his right hand and onto a balloon with his left. It seems like time stopped for the kid. He stares at the fountain with a fascinated glance in his eyes as the water rises high up, up to the second floor. The mother and her kid get up eventually after a few minutes. I look around. Hundreds of people are rushing through the shops, satisfying themselves, drunk from materialism. Watching them feels like I'm watching a time lapse. They are running around, worrying about the future while I am trying to get lost in the moment. A quote by Nietzsche pops up on a screen, that usually plays advertisements and catches my attention. It says that people are generally in a hurry because everyone is trying to escape themselves. Hah! What an ironic situation this is.
Someone's shopping bag bumps into me and pulls me back to reality. I realize that the track that was playing through my headphones stopped long ago. It seems like it just kept going on in my head as i got lost. I sigh, get up and make my way home.
"Take me to another place", I mumble as I make my way through the crowds. I don't exactly know why I said that, what I meant and what or rather who should take me away from here. I just hope to, one day, find someone to escape reality with.
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