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◥◤ Little info about me =^,^= ◥◤

Hello there ^,..,^
I see you are wondering something about me and now you will get a chance and will be able to read something about me. So who I am? I am a furry person and I really like it. I am usually friendly and calm type of the person and is rare to see me mad or just being slightly angry. I also like to meet new people or fluffs around and getting new friends. Never feel scared to talk to me as I will always try to be nice and listen what you say.

My fursona

» Name: Epic
» Species: Wolf/Fox
» Personality: Usually calm, relaxed, like to cuddles, usually being shy, being careful, caring about others and sometimes little bit emotional
» Hobbies: Eating, Talking, getting rubs, being with friends
» Like: Getting new friends, being silly, giving hugs
» Dislike: Competetive games, rude people, furry haters, getting bully
» Special Tail: Having a very long blue tail with the white tip on it, the tail being special for an ability to copy stuff that I want to put inside, like a food.
» Special Form: My fursona is able to become fully rubber and being squishy like a toy.

About me

» Name: Marek
» Gender: Male
» Age: 19
» Nationality: Slovakia Republic
» Occupation: High School student
» Favourite color: Blue
» Favourite food: spaghetti, pizza, pancakes, lasagne
» Favourite time of day: Night

Little rules on my profile

» Inviting: Please, don't invite me anywhere until you ask me. Thank you. By not respecting that, I'll warn you to read this first. The second time you'll be removed from my "friend" list.

» Friend List: Keep in mind that I am trying to have less than 150 people on steam. If you are not talking actively with me there is the high chance you will get removed in my remove wave.

People that donated <3

» :heart: Thank you ÞeInda for Christmas gift :3
» :heart: Thank you Stuffie for Christmas gift :3
» :heart: Thank you so much Stuffie for helping me out with stuff in real life. You are the really awesome person and you deserve to be here.
» :heart: Thank you Cat for giving meh game Friday the 13th: The Game :3 I am so happy about it :3 :CatWish:
» :heart: Thank you Dingo for awesome 3 DLC (Volatile Hunter Bundle, Gun Psycho Bundle, Harran Ranger Bundle) for dying light :3 And thank you for buying that game as well :2016watermelon:
» :heart: Thank you MAjKy for very custom profile picture (of my fursona) :3 :2016popsicle:
» :heart: Thank you Hermann for awesome background gift! You are awesome :InjusticeCatwoman:

Awesome Friend quotes

09/09/2017 - Cat : I start watching a game then I end up controlling half the worlds pineapple industries

EpicWolf~: I am trying to find out how to block steam network on pc
EpicWolf~: and I end up in middle of creating bot net
Cat: yea
EpicWolf~: am I normal?
Cat: that happens sometimes
Cat: I start watching a game then I end up controlling half the worlds pineapple industries

Deagle Apr 10 @ 11:21am 
Wolf + Pizza x Lasagna x Pancake + Spaghetti : Human = EpicWolf
EpicWolf~ Apr 9 @ 6:30am 
Eloibdl Apr 9 @ 6:22am 

CuriosityPaul~ Apr 9 @ 2:26am 
EpicWolf~ Apr 9 @ 2:07am