Mike   Delray Beach, Florida, United States
CEVO Amateur Season 2 Champion
ESEA Open Season 2 & 3 Playoffs
ESEA Invite Season 4 4th Place
CEVO Professional Season 5 2nd Place
ESEA Invite Season 6 Champion
CEVO Professional Season 6 3rd Place
ESEA Invite Season 7 3rd Place
Intel LANFest Online 12v12 Champion
ESEA Invite Season 8 3rd Place
2011 Pax East TF2 Champion
2v2 NA Ultiduo Champion
UGC 9v9 Highlander Champion
ESL Nations Cup 2011 DQ Champion
CSN Have a Sandvich Tournament 2nd Place
ESEA Invite Season 9 2nd Place
Community Fortress Zalman 6v6 Tournament Champion
Salamancer 3v3 KOTH Tournament Champion
MyGamingEdge Cup Champion
Community vs. Pro's 3: Victor
ESEA Invite Season 10 Champion
EXTV Ultiduo Cup Champion
ESEA Invite Season 11 2nd Place
Insomnia46 LAN Champion [Best Team in the World]
ESEA Invite Season 12 Champion [Undefeated]
ESEA Invite Season 13 Second Place
ESEA Invite Season 14 Second Place
Zowie Invitational #1 Champion
ESEA Invite Season 15 Champion
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Hope you stay safe from Irma!
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Platinum Shadow, I want your babiesssss *flashes boobs*
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sign me rl and sticky when you feel like :) i sent yuou a trade request
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your gf is hot :o