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Batman: Arkham Asylum

I originally played this game at some point between 2010-2011 on the PS3. Thing is, I played it after I beat Arkham City, so I didn't enjoy it as much. Coming back to this game several years later, I'm glad I gave it a second chance on the PC. Tough but fair achievements combined with satisfying combat with a dash of bullshit stealth made this actually pretty damn fun to 100%.

Call Of Juarez Gunslinger

This was a pretty simple game to 100%. Slightly challenging at times, but the game never felt like it was being unfair. It stayed enjoyable throughout my multiple playthroughs.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

Having already played Deus Ex: HR multiple times before on the non-Director's Cut version, it made 100% a bit more tedious to undertake, as nothing really surprised me about the plot anymore. Also, the two achievements Factory Zero and Doctorate were annoying to get. Not difficult, mind you, simply annoying, as I had to alt-tab out every 5-10 minutes to double check I didn't miss a book or which turn to make.


Base game has some fair achievements with some difficulty on them. Knife of Dunwall and Brigmoire Witches also had some fair, interesting achievements. The difficulty of this 100% lied in the Dunwall City Trials. Borderline sociopathic achievements that required a legendary amount of patience to get. I'm glad I put this game to rest though, before Dishonored 2 happens.

Fallout: New Vegas

I originally played New Vegas back in 2012. Absolutely loved it, if you were wondering. It was only until around late 2015 that I started gunning for 100% completion on whatever I can. While there were quite a few annoying ones that were not much more than a timesink (I'm looking at you, Caravan Master), I still enjoyed it becuase...well, it's New Vegas. It's arguably my favorite game I've ever played.

Heavy Bullets

A pretty fun FPS roguelite with achievements ranging from easy, to somewhat RNG based. I had fun with it, and the achievements were actually kinda fun to try at times. That doesn't excuse achievements where you need an item that appears behind randomly generated secret walls on a lucky run. I'd suggest it to anybody who calls themselves a fan of FPS.

Hotline Miami

Fun game, but the achievements can get seriously tedious to do for some levels. A+ can get frustrating to attain, when the AI does seem to behave semi-randomly at times.

Just Cause 2

The awkward controls, terrible difficulty scaling, and sheer scale of the game made this a pretty painful experience overall. Not to mention completely stupid achievements like "Drive every vehicle in the game" and "Kill 50 enemies without getting hit". I'm glad I don't have to return to this game again. Final stats, for the interested []

Sleeping Dogs

Another open world game that knows how to push a completionist to their absolute limits. Not traumatizingly horrible to 100%, but also not a memorably good experience. It also got me into speedrunning, because nobody runs this game.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage

From what I remember, there wasn't anything too terribly diffiuclt about this. Just your standard Viscera Cleanup Detail setup, but with a christmas theme.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

There was nothing difficult about this at all. It's basically just 1 Viscera Cleanup Detail level with only 2 achievements tied to it.
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