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I love you, no ♥♥♥♥ ;3
Kyakou May 1 @ 3:55pm 

The 👮 Department of 🏠 Homeland 🗽 Security 🚔 has issued a 🅱ruh Moment ⚠ warning 🚧 for the following districts: Ligma, Sugma, 🅱ofa, and Sugondese.

Numerous instances of 🅱ruh moments 🅱eing triggered by 👀 cringe😬 normies 🚽 have ⏰ recently 🕑 occurred across the 🌎 continental 🇺🇸United States🇺🇸. These individuals are 🅱elieved to 🅱e highly 🔫 dangerous 🔪 and should 🚫 not ❌ 🅱e approached. Citizens are instructed to remain inside and 🔒lock their 🚪doors.

Under ❌no⛔ circumstances should any citizen 🙊 say "bruh" in reaction to an action performed 🅱y a cringe😬 normie🚽 and should store the following items in a secure🔒 location: Jahcoins💶, V-bucks💴, Gekyume's foreskin🍆, poop💩 socks, juul💭 pods, ball 🍒 crushers, and dip.

Remain tuned for further instructions.

LilGanja1337 Mar 4 @ 10:15pm 
PixelatedBrayden Nov 20, 2017 @ 11:27pm