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Posted: Oct 31, 2015 @ 3:54am
Updated: Sep 8, 2016 @ 5:02am

For those of you who are parents of younger children / play around parents, your options are quite limited. Some of the enmies in the game are completely nude in the lower half, and some of the bosses have their breasts sticking out (Fully visible). I'm not talking about like...skimpy clothing with the sides sticking out. I'm talking -completely- topless.

While I probably just sold a few perverts afew copies with that line, for those of us looking for a decent bullet hell game, your only opton is to hack the game into the ini files and change the censorship option to 1.

As to why they didn't make this an option in the menu, I don't know. Too lazy to do so as from what I've seen.

I've also had a few people say "Who cares / kids won't notice" but the first time I started up this E rated game, my little brother actually said "Haha, She's not wearing pants!" and then she TURNED TO FACE THE CAMERA, and you can clearly see she's not wearing any underwear or anything like that either. I went in and turned on the censorship, AND that ONLY COVERS UP THE BOSSES.

The game is fine, it's your standard boring japanese bullet hell with "Kawaii" enemies and themes (Alot of them are very halloween-based, to be honest...) but it's so boring that it's just a side note to everythinge else. if you pick the large gun toting character, you can shoot your enemies bullets out of the sky and it's as wide as you are. Your hitbox is difficult to distinguish, and that's a fatal sin there.

This game is essentally telling you "We suck at making games, here's some boobs. Pls buy"

The gameplay is a broken, easily beaten mess. It's not fun. It's not interesting when you have to shoot the same enemy types stage after stage.

*3 stages later*
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