Jag är Gud!   Malmo, Skane Lan, Sweden
Developer, Gamer, Your best friend

Staff for Serious GMod [www.seriousgmod.com]

Nothing.. hehe

you just hovered over this for no reason :)

bet you thought something would be in this one huh? Nope! Try the next one

nah still nothing... maybe the next one?

Well shit.. hmm

if you got to this one, hi.
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Oh hey, I finally got a showcase box.
Hi there, welcome to my profile.

If you want to add me, just leave a comment unless I know you.
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About me

Jag är från Sverige
Jag flyttade till USA för 5 år sedan.
så .. Hej swedz: 3

I have a website :OO:
linko [pixelinc.io] (now with a PAID domain :O)

I'm a Developer.
I make stupid random things for no reason sometimes, but it's fun.
I develop for Serious GMod [seriousgmod.com] as of now. ( My Profile [www.seriousgmod.com] )

Relevant links:
- GitHub [github.com]
- GitLab [gitlab.com]

Programming Langs I know
I know a decent amount, for literally no reason.
Main ones include:
Python, Ruby/Crystal, Java/JavaScript :barf:, C/C++/C#, GoLang, Rust, Elixir/Erlang, Lua,
and now messing with some Haskell, delicious.
(maybe more but those are the major ones)

I'm a gamer, obviously
I play mainly stuff like Garry's Mod, PUBG, Factorio, CSGO, etc..
An all around gamer, I guess.

That's about it.
Sticky Bandit Jun 19 @ 7:06pm 
lmao imagine having a SGM ban smh
Lordyhgm May 3 @ 11:13am 
lmao imagine having a vac ban smh
Devil Apr 18 @ 7:15pm 
Step 1: Press ctrl+f
Step 2: hit 9

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Sticky Bandit Apr 18 @ 5:22am 
This place is gross!!! Its like a CiCi's with rides and games. Its great for kids to get that excess energy out....but I cant believe they make you buy a buffet even if you are not in the mood to eat. If I had kids...I dont think I would take them here.

I mean there was pizza on the walls in the ladies bathroom. Yuck...who brings pizza in the bathroom????

Not my cup of tea....I personally dont recommend coming here.
Aria_TRex | TTV Apr 7 @ 4:48am 
ooga booga :3
Prisma Jan 22 @ 5:10pm 
This is my dad. Now Fork oof