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This is simply a collection of all projects I've published for the Black Ops 3 workshop!
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- Ping
Created by - Ping
OctoDinosaur May 14 @ 12:05pm 
Do you think you'll ever bring Alien Defense to BO3?
Nagatoroツ May 9 @ 5:07pm 
Love your incredibly fun maps bro, keep up the good work.
LukEml May 6 @ 8:26am 
liked your radioactive map!
oppai May 6 @ 8:26am 
Nice maps
Professional retard Feb 21 @ 5:03am 
add me on steam i got a little question about your map radioactive :v
LusKas ★ Nov 15, 2019 @ 12:36pm 
Can you send me a link to download the radioactive map other than steam I have pirate BO3 and there is no steam download:steamsad: