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My name is *CENSOR* 🤔 Thinking   Detroit, Michigan, United States
Welcome to my profile there nothing in this view more info just some crap random chat with scammer and no trading
PS: Do not join moat.gg server all of them is shit.

FUCKING scammer beg me for +rep OOF and virus +rep himself hope you know that i not ever know the guy who i +rep like +rep fast trader,legit traders,and good traders I never rep like that i fucking never rep like fast trade legit trade and good traders cuz im not traders so if you see +rep OOF pls give me them profile thank you

Also moat.gg is a server that you can pay buy and get good stuff and the point is admin is bad, the commuity is toxic sometime.

Random Chat
Part 1 The Scammer
Pentolik: hello there
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): Add me for?
Pentolik: i was wondering if you would like to trade your P90 | Asiimov and AWP | Elite Build and Music Kit | Mord Fustang, Diamonds ?
Pentolik: can i offer good for it ?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): Maybe
Pentolik: my AWP | Hyper Beast ?
Pentolik: what do you think of it ?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): It good i guess
Pentolik: okay send me your offer link so i can send it.
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): Go to my profile and scoll down
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): Just kidding nothing there
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): {LINK REMOVED}
Pentolik: okay wait , btw where did you bought your P90 | Asiimov and AWP | Elite Build and Music Kit | Mord Fustang, Diamonds ?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): Somewhere
Pentolik: ohh . btw are you using opskins market ? cause im currently buying and reselling items on opskins .
Pentolik: so i just want to confirm that your P90 | Asiimov and AWP | Elite Build and Music Kit | Mord Fustang, Diamonds are 100% marketable on opskins market.
Pentolik: its okay with you that can we check it first ?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): Yeah
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): and urs mom gey scammer :)
Pentolik: ?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): Go get better life
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2017): F***er
Pentolik is now Offline.
Part 2 The Scammer That Unfriend Me So Quick xD
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2018: Add me for?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2018: Not ask?
Warpath: hey dude
Warpath: i added you for trade
Warpath: i was wondering if you want to trade?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2018: Yeah
Warpath: Can i trade your P90 | Asiimov and AWP | Elite Build and Music Kit | Mord Fustang, Diamonds for my AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge FT and AWP | Hyper Beast BS
Warpath: so deal?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2018: Maybe
Warpath: so?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2018: What
Warpath: so deal now our offers here?
✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Toast_2018: You need my trade url?
Warpath is now Offline.
gu ham lek

Username: pog
Password: pog

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Red is gay

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Mah Profile Info
To everyone who see my rep on scammer/stranger that not in my friendlist add me and he said. Him: Pls rep me on profile thx u. so becareful maybe there rep are fake or real
Totally info about me
:crate::makoto_DGR:To add me i accept all add but scammer,hacker and traders not accept. Sometime i not accept random
:crate:Name: Duck
:crate:Age: -1
:crate:Gender : Duck
:crate:Country: thinking
:crate:Status: N o t a l i v e
:crate:Online = Chating. Maybe just looking game to play
:crate:Away = Sleep.Bored.Watching some video
:crate:Offline = Sleep.Away from com
:crate::starite: My facebook [www.facebook.com]
:crate: My Best Friend
:crate: hacker.
:crate: just gud guy af
:crate:Hates: Scammer.Hackers,Admin abuse,fake report,Fake friend
:crate:Likes: anything i like lol,Best friend,Kind ppl,
:crate: Will not accept you add: Traders,Scammer,You had too much rep about trading (cuz some scammer use that trick to make people fall into it),
Info and will get edit sometime
:crate: Moat gaming is stupid
:crate: I close pub comment when i was sleeping or OFFLINE
:crate: Also if u see my comment +rep OOF or something on scammer profile that mean
:crate: Scammer beg me for +rep or some of virus make me to rep on scammer so pls give me
:crate: So if u see some of my comment about +rep on scammer pls give me the profile so i
:crate: Remove my comment on them profile
:crate:i not trade with you
:crate:When im offline i will set off comment pub to friend only (maybe xD)
:crate:Bad comment Troll comment Joke comment Will Got screenshot and remove comment if you:Do too much you will be Block. Screenshot you comment and removed so gtfo Bad commenter
:crate:And Im not scammer
:crate: Scammer took my all item
:crate: XD
:crate:Support my friend youtube also sub him and keep making him to higher :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCemT4TZq3EWWPJz5TSBDH7g/videos?disable_polymer=1
:crate: And my friend video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERu0KOUSqSE
Other way to add me
:missing: Uplay account PikaJuiceToast
:missing: Facebook Name:jacketllth duck_tape
:missing: Discord Name:Pikajuice Red
:missing: Line (My QR code is on artwork) Name: Pikajuiceredboixdddd
My best friend/Great friends/good friend/GUD SHIT friend xD
:orb: #1 ✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(Blu_2018) Playing with him all the time good player to play with
:orb: #1.2 dedsec (biosoldier old name)i meet this guy on csgo and he is my first bestfriend also yep this my is older bestfriend and good to play with
:orb: #1.3 Radfury good sfm and good player to play with
:orb: #1.4 Agent Joshua good player to play with great sfm and kind also smart guy
:orb: #1.5 Rip this guy forever and good to play with
:orb: #1.6 Sopar best friends. with some rage stuff and keep cheating oh btw disable ulx if you play with him XD before he slay you and he easy rage so yeah
:orb: 1.7 Courage The Coward d greatat sfm
:orb: #1.8 ★Rikima Eli★™ Good to play and g00d gmod screenshots
:orb: #2 Hunter boi
:orb: #3 ✪✫PikaJuice✪✫(P.yut_2017) The guy who keep saying dad and son xD
:orb: #5 White louis This guy keep changing name and ye good player to play with
:orb: #6 Crimped Good player to play with and good sfm
:orb: #7 Scott <3 | SFM Artist Comment noitce 50+
:orb: #8 ♥ ブルー ♥ (Blu) tower builder
:orb: #9 Private Retard ™ Spammer friend builder
:orb: #10 Walker #9343 (WalkerAzender) Good player to play with
:orb: #11 faggot
My fav song xD
:medicon: Alan Walker - Faded
:medicon: Different heavaen & EH!DE - My Heart [NCS Release]
:medicon: Alan walker - Alone
:medicon: Dust lol i lazy to copy the real name
:medicon: Ruiner sleep paralysia
:medicon: twitch song lol
this bitch take all my friend item

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