Pika (gigantuous megamindus)
*.。.☆゜・*:.。.☆**☆.。.:*・゜☆.。* 。.☆゜・*:.。.☆**☆.。.:*・゜☆.。.*
~~~~~ :cool_::cool_eol::B1:Everyone Cool Down:B1::cool_eol::cool_: ~~~~~
*.。.☆゜・*:.。.☆**☆.。.:*・゜☆.。* 。.☆゜・*:.。.☆**☆.。.:*・゜☆.。.*

Phat Pug: http://logs.tf/1884815#76561198044738986
The Chimpining: http://logs.tf/2025518
The Chimpining Part 2: http://logs.tf/2026723

*DEAD* UGC Kumori : Get off me please. :)

aeon lf cute boyfriends - Today at 3:37 AM
peka pika peka ho, bend over and let me use that tiny hole @Pika

allayy: Can i ride you :3

The "yea ur pissed" Wall from 9-1-16 to 9-1-17: https://pastebin.com/d6bcNVzn

THE "yea ur pissed" WALL (Starting as of 9-2-17)

TaeBoMaster : pika is a aim bot = vote him off red

jacklevesque13 : pika i will slit your throt
jacklevesque13 : fuck u little faggot nigger bitch mother fuck

Mr. ❤DankScoper❤ : cheats?

*DEAD* desmond : WTF
Pika : get fucked


Tuxëdo Tërrorist : nice hax

Terrifying Tardigrade : Pika please burn in hell

SMSR : i fucking hate everyone on the red team
Pika💀 : :3c
SMSR : pika is annoyingly good and does that stupid fucking weeb bind

*DEAD* Sulo : hax


*DEAD* Spy_Master : umm hacks bro?

RaggleMuffin : hax

*DEAD* Method! : wtf\
*DEAD* Method! : nice aimbot


*DEAD* Clowner : ur hakin
Clowner : i was barely out of cover to where he probably couldnt physically see me let alone headshot
Clowner : and he pulls off headshot
Clowner : no no one does that
Clowner : im just pointing out obvious aimbotting
Clowner : ive been playing this game for thousands of hours and something is off about some of those shots
Clowner : one shot where i just got out of cover was weird so i did the barely poking out test
Clowner : it usually doesnt lie

PIPE80: hacker


Robert Urrutia : nice hacks

rtshoe : pika suck dick

Smalls : hacker

Pixxi0us | B>keys 1.72$ : hacks?

*DEAD* Grim_Reaper1994 : yeah hes cheating

*DEAD* Practical Problems : pika hacker

[FDC] Machin (El Original) : PIKA IS HACKER

LLLuLLLka_1: pik hack

*DEAD* Venom Recon : thats twice through smokes nice hacks ur running pika

SquealPiggySqueal : pika shooting through walls
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Past Highlander Experience:
- UGC S18 Steel HL on Shoot To Win (Sniper)
- UGC S19 Steel HL 2nd place on Show 'em the Pine (Medic)
- UGC S20 Silver HL 1st place on Saving Lieutenant Lemons (Engie/Sniper Sub)
- UGC S21 Plat HL for X'O (Heavy) for 5 weeks, Silver HL for The Muffin Factory (Spy) for 2 weeks.
- UGC S22 Silver HL on The Muffin Factory (Solly/Heavy)
- ETF2L S12 Mid HL 1st place on Joofy and the Jorillas (Engie/Sub)
- UGC S23 Silver HL 1st place on HEAVY (Engie)
- TFCL S1 1st place on Apollodosh (lol, forgot i was roastered)

Past 6's Experience:
- UGC S21 Iron 6's 7th place on Boys who cry (Roamer)
- TFCL Alpha on remove kebab (Pocket)
- UGC S23 Steel 6's 4th place on BattleScarred Idiots (Sub)

Other Experience:
- UGC S12 Silver 4's 1st place on Hex Grills
- RGL S2 Low 1st place on The News

System/Hardware Specs:
Processor - Intel Core i5-5600k @ 3.50 GHz QuadCore
RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 8 GBx2
Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB
Motherboard - MSI B150 M3 ATX
Power Supply - EVGA 600W B1 80+ Bronze
Case - Cosair Carbide Series SPEC-01 Mid Tower
Monitor 1 - Asus VG248QE 24-inch, 144Hz, 1ms response time
Monitor 2 - HP 22es
Keyboard - Razer DeathStalker
Mouse - Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
Headset - Sennheiser PC 350 SE

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Mekhi Aug 16 @ 12:30am 
gay pokefur noob
doombringer Jul 21 @ 2:46pm 
suck a pootis
brandon Jul 20 @ 6:46pm 
huge ♥♥♥♥♥, he 20-7'd me as demo when I was soldier
ink Jul 1 @ 6:30pm 
giga brain
brandon May 14 @ 9:20pm 
Swiggy Apr 29 @ 6:54pm 
Pika piiiiii?!?! :wrynscared: