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Played through the entire game with a friend of mine over the course of several long days last summer. Valheim has a nice aesthetic/overall look and some interesting mechanics, such as how it handles food. Exploring the world Valheim has to offer for the first time is a wonderful experience as well. The combat was enjoyable for the most part, but not particularly noteworthy in any regard. The bosses of each biome were extremely satisfying to beat.

My friend and I had our interest and wonder all but wiped away however once we were in the mid-game and realized almost all meaningful progression and upgrades are locked behind hours of arbitrary grinding that masks a lack of interesting content and pads out the game's length to a ridiculous degree. I personally have many not-so-fond memories of laboring in the swamp crypts, hammering away at a muddy scrap pile for a chance at scrap iron, and hunting for Y-shaped rocks inside the mountains. Can't forget about the plains and those little fuling bastards either!

Once we had beaten the last boss the game had to offer, I felt a great sense of satisfaction. Not the usual satisfaction you get from beating a final boss or completing a game in general however, it was more like I was satisfied knowing I wouldn't have to play this game for a very long time. A "very long time" being when they drop a major content update and hopefully tweak the game's progression (any day now).

Valheim has lots of potential and seems like a great game to play with friends, but then again just about anything is better with friends. My friend and I had more fun ragging on the game later on during our playthrough than with the actual game itself. In its current state I could not even recommend this game to someone with the patience of a saint. Hopefully this game changes for the better, and soon.

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