Phone Guy
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Phone Guy: Is it finished?
Zemoco101: How you know?
Zemoco101: It was finish the instant you messaged
Phone Guy: I see the download
Zemoco101: How?
Phone Guy: just kidding
Phone Guy: Lucky guess
Phone Guy: In fact, im putting this in my info box

Phone Guy: Wow, you messaged me around the same time as TrueLotus lol
hi I main heavy: lmfao
hi I main heavy: ayyyyyyyyyy

TrueLotus: hey
Phone Guy: Hi, lol you messaged me around the same time as Bonko lol
TrueLotus: lol
TrueLotus: just now?
Phone Guy: Yeah
TrueLotus: lol

Phone Guy: Once there was an asian
Phone Guy: An asian who was very mean
Phone Guy: He terrified his steam friends
Phone Guy: The asian who was very mean
Phone Guy: Then there was another guy
Phone Guy: Who wanted to be friends
Phone Guy: Asian cannot stand him
Phone Guy: So he plots his end
Phone Guy: Being mean being mean asian is always being mean being mean while Phone Guy makes friends
asian: ok bye
Phone Guy: why
Phone Guy: I might add this to my infobox actually
asian: why
Phone Guy: Its a reference to a show
asian: liar
asian: its not on your profile
Phone Guy: Nope, not lying
Phone Guy: Oh
Phone Guy: I said might
asian: unadded
Phone Guy: Okay okay hold on

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Munch May 6 @ 7:04pm 
Been having that dream again, a nude Torbjorn jumps on my chest waking me up... he says 'Now do what you were built to do".
Twisted Corridor Apr 19 @ 8:31pm 
ah found it
Dex Apr 13 @ 4:42pm 
I like how you said dumb cow xd
Pencil Apr 11 @ 5:17pm 
Thanks! ;u; *sniffles* I-It means a lot coming from you!
Munch Apr 11 @ 5:15pm 
-rep is bad at rocket jumping and is a dumb cow
Pencil Apr 11 @ 5:12pm 
Of course! ;u; I-I wish I was as cool and professional as you are! :D