Brennan   North Carolina, United States
Quantum calls me Rem bcus its what my username was when he and I first met
now it wont go away..

Got accused of hacking in Destiny 2. Lemme set this right:
If you lose to me in any game you come across me in, its either because I got lucky or you suck worse than I do. end of story.
don't try to ruin my day by making yours all about trashing on random internet people.
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Waterhazmat May 8 @ 9:36pm 
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have bean :cannedbeans:
Apr 27 @ 12:12am 
i have many names. today i feel like being conk
BM_Phoenix Apr 27 @ 12:11am 
who are you again?
Apr 27 @ 12:07am 
call a doctor we have a case of stage se[ven gay we need ass and tidy STAT
BM_Phoenix Apr 27 @ 12:04am 
not on a fake wolf girl, it isnt. i have nothing against furries but those pictures honestly disgust me
Apr 26 @ 11:57pm 
ass and tidy good