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█▌ Aug 12 @ 12:40am 
Please buff Mira's SP melee hyper thank you
人生2代目 オワタ Jul 21 @ 10:22pm 
Have a good weekend PhleBuster ! ^0^ :100oj:
Jesus? Jul 3 @ 3:56am 
Tomato position fix on OJ please?
bloosh Jun 5 @ 10:40pm 
Hello, I'm trying to find support for 100% OJ but steam keeps leading me back to the forums, the forums say they're closed, and no one is in the fruitbat factory chat. What should i do :c
Phuderoso Jun 3 @ 7:23pm 
Hello Mr. Phle B. You are AWESOME!! :qp: Thank you to be always in touch and interacting with the OJ community within all the game hubbies and Forums for the games from Orange Juice that have been launched so far. :100percent::100oj:
nice to meet you