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Heads up. People are impersonating me and adding those who have commented on my profile to scam them. I usually wont add you unless specified beforehand. Always do background checks folks.

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Welcome to my profile!

Hello there. I'm Philip. I usually play TF2, though I will occasionally play other games on and off as well. I am an active member on Blackwonder and you will often see me screwing around on some CTF map somewhere. Additionally, I am pretty prevalent on the TF2 steam forums, most notably the trade subforums where I try my best to SHIT on the scammers that reside there.

Aside from that, I also like to trade TF2 items.

Profile Rules

= Please do not randomly add me. If you must, state why in my profile comment box
= Please don't be toxic or rude; its not nice. Toxic people will be blocked or featured on the wall of shame.
= Do not send me lowball offers for my things. I won't be willing to negotiate with you if you start off a trade like that.
= Do not post links on my profile comments. They will most likely be deleted.
= People who hate Shiba Inus will be publicly humiliated and executed.

Execution of last rule breaker → Gruesome video [/b]


Q: Who do you main?
A: Sniper. I can hit everything except gibus heavies standing still.

Q: Why are you so bad at TF2?
A: I don't know.

Q: Why do you use stupid binds?
A: Why not?

Q: r u FURRY??/// xdxdxd
A: No. I'm just a degenerate.

Q: What do you sound like? I never hear you talk on the mic!
A: Dumb Asian nerd/Sans the Skeleton

Q: Are you a hacker?
A: Yes. I now have access to Gaben's infamous "Fetish Folder" and Kim Jong Un's nuke plans. The world is mine.

People I would kill last in my Conquest of Earth

:happy_creep: 1bennyfallout : One of my oldest Steam friends... kinda ded

:happy_creep: Adamaniac: Meme buddy and pubs a lot. (Dead inside)

:happy_creep: Uncle Luis: Trade buddy and brokerer... kinda ded

:happy_creep: Cactie: Fellow sniper person and also a noice artiste.

:happy_creep: PandasTasteGood: Excellent streamer dood.

:happy_creep: Nova: Sniper that makes me ANGERY

:happy_creep: Eevee: A gud Pokeyman

:happy_creep: Cole: Old Steam friend that's too good at spy

:happy_creep: Nipplemancer: King of memes and the forums.

:happy_creep: Blitz: Big haxerman boi. Reprororeted.

:happy_creep: Sir CD: Fellow trader and forum regular

:happy_creep: Zera: very gae furry o no

:happy_creep: Waiting: no ur the furreh

Wall of Shame 2

Hercules [backpack.tf]

Scammer that decided to mass report and harass me and my friends through his YouTube subs. Didn't work out so well for him, as he got banned.

Additional Links: http://imgur.com/a/XDVq9Mu


(Whatever his name is) [backpack.tf]

Scammer that got pissy and attempted to DDOS me, which was pretty much unsuccessful. Then he threatened to SWAT me for some reason. He didn't have the guts to pull it off smh.

Additional links: http://imgur.com/a/nCwrUEb



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- QS Unusuals 35% off
- Discounted spelled items (They count for 40% of their base value in spell -> item trade)
- Unusual Headprize

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---Scam Tally---
Scammers Encountered: 170
Times Scammed: 0

Forum Scammers Debunked: 39

100th Scammer!! [backpack.tf]

OH NO HE HAKK ME: http://imgur.com/a/EkiLcKq
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horse nut (laptop died) Oct 11 @ 1:18am 
absolute degenerate :3c
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