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                                                Co-founder of SurrealSurfing

:tobinfo: More about me
    My birthday is on the 15th of March, currently 22 years of age. I am the map editor, programmer and sysadmin for the group mentioned above, which I co-founded with a friend.

:tobinfo: My released plugins
    :vright: [TF2] Friendly Simple []
    :vright: [TF2] Roll The Dice (Revamped) []
    :vright: Frolicsome Plugins of Impracticality []

:tobinfo: Before you add me to request a plugin
I hardly ever do private plugins, but if you're nice enough and provide a well description of your needs I can take the request.

Trust Credentials                                            Trading Links
    :vright: 9 Years of Service                                         :vright: » Trade Offers Link «
    :vright: Steam Level 50                                              :vright: Backpack Profile []
    :vright: Clean reputation                                             :vright: TF2 Items Profile []
          > no bans nor downvotes on record               :vright: TF2 Outpost Profile []
    :vright: 150+ games owned                                       :vright: Bazaar Profile []
    :vright: 5,000+ hours in Team Fortress 2
    :vright: Trust []
    :vright: TF2-Trader Rep Thread []
    :vright: SteamRep Site []

Profile Info
    ╟ steamname: Phil25
    ╟ steam3ID: [U:1:48874109]
    ╟ steamID32: STEAM_0:1:24437054
    ╟ steamID64: 76561198009139837

Meep woz here♥  :balloon:ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ:sticky:
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When you're frok overlord and a F2P is attacking your flock.
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[LemonBoi]Bilbo Aug 16 @ 12:26pm 
added for quick short chat
Cap. Idiotkritz Aug 16 @ 8:59am 
small notice, somebody tryed to scam me with money. he wanted to give me a virus. his steam name is: ™| Mid | One |™
Lazy Developer Aug 12 @ 1:56pm 
Added you to talk about a bad experience with an admin
⚡Volt⚡ Jul 18 @ 7:49pm 
Hello. I'm here to discuss your RTD Revamped.
mute god_ Jul 15 @ 5:23am 
added for quick chat
☀DangehZoneD☀ Jul 6 @ 8:08am 
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