Got Scammed :'c
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1.) Specialized Killstreak Strange High Rollers Rocket Launcher (Factory New)
2.) Unusual Exquisite Rack (Any Effect)
3.) Max’s Severed ahead
4.) Strange Professional Killstreak Original
5.) Strabge Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg
6.) Strange Antlers
7.) Strange Antarctic Parka
8.) Molten Mallard Furious Fukaamigasa
9.) 3k Hours
10.) 5k+ Kills on all Rocket Launchers
11.) Dragon Slayer Collection
12.) Professional Killstreak Australium Rocket Launcher
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I joined steam on June 23rd, 2017. A year later after I got situated with the game TF2 I decided to spend all my Bday money or any money at all on the market (stupid me decided to waste 200$ on the Mann Co. Store). After I spent all my money and had about 150$ worth of cosmetics and stranges some guy added me named Highlight. He told me if I gave him some of my items he would get me an unusual, of course I fell for it and gave him 50$ of my items. After I figured it was a scam I quit TF2 for 3 months or so and decided to hop back on and try again. After about 8 scammers (whom have all failed) in 2 years, my friend sent me a Trade Request, added all of his valuables, and told me he was getting hijacked. Of course I've been through this before, so I figured it was nothing. 20 minutes later the same friend messages me back, but it was a different person since my actual friend wouldn't send me screenshots of my password getting changed. I soon realized that my profile was in jeopardy since I saw what this guy could do. So after me and the guy "discussed" he sent me an offer for my most valuable things. I clearly told my closest friends and when I realized he was legit I quickly offered my items to another friend (his name is Goomba). While I'm talking to the guy, Goomba got hijacked as well by the same guy thats trying to tap into my acc. So now all of my items are in Goombas inventory since I trusted him with them. Well to end things off, he did not get into my account, Goomba did not get his account back (as promised) and I lost 45 keys in items, 3 years of work, and 100% of my trust in humanity. Thank you for reading.

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Magic Pickle! Jul 7 @ 7:03pm 
hey, you asked if my TF2 sniper was still available, but i broke my phone and can't trade. sorry bout that
Zekk Jun 22 @ 12:30pm 
jollygoodfew Jun 21 @ 9:22am 
Jesus, is that why you got rid of a bunch of friends? to protect them from getting hijacked as well? Sorry to hear this happened to you, bunch of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s out there who dont give a ♥♥♥♥ about anyone, all they care about is money.
Pessimist Jun 18 @ 6:17pm 
Thanks, Serb. Thank you everyone for caring so much about my situation. I am giving myself a second chance to build up to where I was.
Mister Krazy Jun 18 @ 6:14pm 
Damn dude, i'm so sorry that happened to you. However, I know you can get through this. I was able to, you can do it too. I wish you the best of luck my friend.
Pessimist Jun 18 @ 4:44pm 
“I don’t think I could ever get back to where I was, so I ask of everyone to donate their whole inventory to me, thanks”
-Every Scammed Kiddo