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Is the game good? To put it simply, yes. Let's break it down a little to see where it shines and where it might be lacking.

Granted, I haven't completed the game yet, but I thought it was good enough to review. Right now you can get MYZ for twelve dollars by signing up for humble bundle for the month, for twelve dollars this really is a no brainier.

We will start off with a quick rundown of the graphics. Frankly, the game is beautiful from the moment that you load into the opening area and see how your flashlight cuts through the bushes, throwing shadows of ferns across the stones. To the dilapidated houses that crumble as Bormin charges through knocking down cover sending boards and enemies flying. The explosion when you deliver the killing blow to a robotic enemy and their parts go shooting through the air. Or when you have lightning shot at you and your cover explodes as it arcs between your team mates. The footprints you leave in the snow or your lights reflecting off ice, water or a metallic item, everything here is very well done. The art team definitely took their time as they pulled all of this together and it is a joy to see it all come to life on the screen. I'm searching my brain for something that seemed out of place or low quality, but I struggle to find something to come plain about. If I had to pick something, anything, just to say that it isn't all perfect, it would have to be the lipsyncing, it's off, and horribly so. Not just on Dux and Bormin suffer from this during the few cutscenes they talk in, which would be acceptable because well they're a pig and a duck, but the problem extends to the humans that you will spend a little time talking to on the ark. Really though it's a small gripe and one I had to dig for.

Speaking of voice acting the audio is also stellar. Starting with the fun banter between Dux and Bormin, although sometimes served with some extra cheese that would put YouTube dad jokes to shame. All the dialogue is delivered extremely well with no one missing the mark. The soundtrack lends a nice subtle background while you are exploring the different zones and scoping out how to take on your next encounter. The sound effects of the firefights, explosions and the like are adequate, with nothing really standing out or taking away from the experience.

The gameplay is really the only thing that matters at the end of the day, so how does it stand up to the graphics and audio? Well, it does take a moment to get used to, unlike other strategy games similar to this one (x-com) you don't port straight to a battle and then straight back to your base. In MYZ you're controlling your characters, picking up scrap (money), weapons, gear and the like while you're scouting out new areas. You have the option to fast travel between zones you've entered at least once before and back to the Ark, your base of operations. In the Ark you will be upgrading weapons, swapping mods, buying gear, and talking to the elder to get more story chunks. You might go back after every zone or you might just continue your adventure. Returning to the Ark doesn't replenish your health, you don't get any free medkits or grenades (at least not on hard) so every item feels like it is worth what you pay for it. Do you really want to throw that grenade at those two enemies or heal that three blocks of missing health? Every action has a weight, and they all felt like they mattered. I started the game guns blazing charging into battle, maybe I'd take the high ground here or there, but for the most part I shot first and planned out later. Well by the time I got to zone five I had used all my grenades and medkits and I was stuck. I ended up restarting the game and taking my time, planning out every move and taking some serious time to consider my item use. If your patient you can pick off baddies one at a time as they patrol the area without alerting the rest of the group. So that battle that was once seven vs three is now four vs three, much more manageable odds. The game also makes you consider who you want to take out first, what character should get what gear, and is it even worth fighting some battles or sneaking past and coming back to it later. I always felt like I was scraping by by the skin of my teeth sometimes with two hit points left and two thirds of my team dead, but it never felt too hard, and was always rewarding.

So the bottom line, is the game good? Yeah, it's fantastic and anyone who is a fan of the X-com series is sure to get some enjoyment here.

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