Alex Haines   Seattle, Washington, United States
Refined as i am now being out of college, The University of Washington, i still have yet to get rid of that kid in me that likes playing games and blowing the crap out of threshers in Borderlands 2, and i hope that kid never goes away myself! I graduated with a BA in Film Studies and intend to pursue making film. I hope to be able to either perform for orchestras used in games and movies or act in the film industry, making films would also be fun to undertake as well as voice acting. I shall undertake the truly difficult task of creating an actual DECENT video game film (aside from the select few that are good or acceptable...).

Here are my many site tags in case you dont know me as RedShield007:

Facebook: RedShieldGamer
Twitch Streamer: RedShieldGame
Screwattack g1: RedShield007
Final Fantasy XIV: Zacharia Ashefield - Realm: Figaro
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RedShieldGame - Twitch Streamer
Hey everyone, if you enjoy a good tale, full of happiness and anger, hope and woe, then you are probably like me and enjoy a good RPG to play in your time! Whether it's western, strategy, or JRPG, the stories and characters in these games go from putting a tear in your eyes to laughing so hard you might explode. Come join me in my streaming adventures on twitch, as i play through RPGs exploring these grand stories, and maybe indulge in an indie game or two on the side.

Follow me on Twitter too for consistant updates on my streaming and what ill be playing any particular night (along side many memes and comedic chortles):
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Keck282 May 26, 2013 @ 8:29pm 
All up in your profile dropping comments. You working on them badges?
Keck282 Jul 17, 2012 @ 7:06pm 
No ♥♥♥♥ I will be at your party.
Keck282 Jul 2, 2011 @ 11:06am 
I'm up in your profile leaving a comment for a ticket.
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I'm in your profile making comments.