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8.5 hrs on record (7.1 hrs at review time)
I foremost want to emphasis that my dis-recommendation is specifically for the question
"Should I sink money into this game?"
Well, since this is dis-recommendation, obviously the answer is a simply "no".

Although the "Season Passes" ranging from 5€ is the current to archive/legacy-passes in 7,5€ you can anytime and "stamp" alongside another pass/stamp-book, this is yet another "for the maximum-profits!" cash-shop with a rotating selection.
There is a "wiki"-page article named "S.A.W. Shop" which lists all the items,
but as the single most expensive example ("Sunflower Bundle" ) costs whopping 13€ (or 1260 "S.A.W Tickets") with a supposed 40% applied even though you cannot buy any of these items separate in the first place
( or least none of the items hasn't been listed on the wiki-page ).

Bare in mind that this is a full on 2D-game with "rigged" swappable 2D-("flash"-player-)character ("vector"-)template
( for those unaware, yes you can indeed give "bones" and "joints" to a 2D-drawings on "unity" and other game-engines );
In essence you'd be paying paying top-dollars/euros/currency for a cope-paste of a JPEG/PNG-image
( especially the case with 7,5€ "mini animal (pets)" ).

And of course, because "expensive aesthetics over expenses-spared functionalities"-bingo-card wouldn't complete, this game includes all the "essentials":
- Client-side-authored gameplay
( an "everything goes buffet" for cheater )
- No replay/demo-file-system
- Convoluted and otherwise unintuitive player-reporting "tool";
extra point because you can only use at your death / at the end of the match; you cannot even choose you report; and it's times because as soon as the game-session-lobby closes, you're booted straight into the main-menu
- Completely off-the-balance AI/CPU-fillers;
majority of times you'll be teamed with bots that wall in straight line while opposing team has "GODLIKE-UBER-DûBER"-settings with buffed movement speed and bullets travelling across the whole map

Like I wrote at start, I mainly concentrated on the money-spending asked here;
in this review I won't be going into details about the gameplay and such, since there is nothing new I could tell.

Main takeaway here is that for the "tech" and such, the amount you would need to spend money in this "game" is ludicrously high;
heck to even enjoy of the "full-free-to-play"-elements in this game, you'd still need to spend 15€ from the get-to into the
"Super Edition"-package which, yes, in essence is like buying 1K-tickets and you also get exclusive cosmetics...
...Except that 1K-tickets costs only 10€...

Meanwhile "Starter Pack" costs 5€ and gives 500+100-tickets alongside the exclusive cosmetics
( and "naturally" since the devs/studio does not want more money, there no possibility to purchase the previous "season-starters" nor there is no other way to get the cosmetics even when there is demand for these... ).

So yeah, maybe give the gameplay few tries; perhaps you'll enjoy.
But the sake of your finances, do not spend any them here!
(( For the record, I personally have no idea why I had the "Super Edition"-unlocked; maybe I got as a gift or something; that's my defense. ))

Posted August 7.
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130.8 hrs on record
Random-pointers to give this game a try especially if you get everything for a good discount:

Before buying this game, I highly recommend giving the first "Endless Space" a try get a little taste of the "feeling" of this game;
if you connect your Steam-account to their " Games2Gether Platform" you get the game without any extra payments needed.

"Endless Space 2" is a generally the first game full-on fixed and improved:
- No longer "guarding / sieging" disables a system
( or at least this was the very reason I never got finish a session in the first game since I couldn't build any counter-fleets on my lone-home-system )

- "Alliance / Co-Operative"-victory is big game-changer in this market since "everyone" in an alliance can win the game;
of course this has occasionally lead to abrupt victories when members have left the alliance for a reason or another.

- Although "stack-of-dooms" are prevalent in this game, there is fortunately less than ten (10) ship-base-designs players are allowed to retrofit with module-choices, even if the smaller-ships eventually become pretty much completely obsolete later on.

- On the relevant nore, warmongering can be super-expensive to uphold for the most part especially if the "influence"-generation of the player is low.
This is of course if one is one influential enough to even declare a war to begin with especially against players that are able to forcefully up-keep the peace between players.

- "Senate" or the internal-politics are somewhat difficult to min-max around since this all depends not only on the action of the player
( E.G. boosting technology research which increases the support to the "Scientist"-party )
but also what your population of your empire consists of.
Different "government-types" can having more influence over the laws players wants to pass.
But this can also limit the flexibility players have in overall gameplay also
( E.G. being locked into Military-government rarely helps with non-warmongering-players ).

Fair warning:
Due occasionally requirement to some serious "micro-management", a singular turn can take up an hour if your happen have more than 20-systems occupied, especially if player with a (Hissho or Custom-)faction with the "Resource Recovers"-faction-trait
( which in practice gives and increasing "FIDS"-penalty the more "over-colonization" you have ).

I personally also recommend of ignoring the "tutorial" and instead play a "live"-session with all the tutorial-pop-ups:
The "[Beginner]"-session doesn't have any of the expansions and basically is the "vanilla without the vanilla"-version of this game which can actually break even more features and fixes implemented.
"[Beginner]"-sessions also are not "whitelisted" therefore are not counted as "official"-sessions to be listed to on the gameplay-history-section called "Empire Chronicles"

"Together to the Stars!"

Posted July 28.
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Early Access Review

After almost a decade, seemingly nothing of like "Dead Island Epidemic (DIE)" has surfaced in the video-game market.

Before they introduced the "desync/rubberbanding-kill-bug" and left it running for almost 6-moths till the very abrupt shutdown, this game really was one of its kind and had done tiny'ish but hugely impactful improvements to the general nature of the game to far less toxic
( most important being
"Patch v0.8" on March 12th 2015
in which they turned "Kills" into "Takedowns" that combined both last-hit-player-kills and assistances, plus the additions of "Damage (done)" and "Healing (done)" ).

Aside for "Planetside 2" most notably, seemingly no one even dares to try to make asymmetrical un-even team-battles anymore:
In "Scavenger" which was the PvP-mode here, there was three (3) four-player-teams
(I.E. 4 vs 4 vs 4 )
trying to gather crates and fill-up their home-truck.

Capturing "supply-drop-zones" allowed passive gain of crates up until a point after which rest of the crates had to be manually loaded into the home-base.

Other teams were allowed to steal from the base, which crated end-game situation where both of the other teams had to team-up in order to prevent the leading-team winning too easily.
Or as m,any times happened, the two leading teams might have been outsmarted by the underdog-team who gathered the "wild-crates" during the tussle between the lead-teams.

This was a very dynamic game with loads of turnabout without the need to being "uber-l33t-master" either:
Just putting the basics into practice while also playing cautiously / not being suicidal won the game many times also.

The randomized PvE-mode "Crossroads" was a very good replacement for the dull-linear "Horde"-mode.

Character-variations was nicely refreshing too, especially the "Armored" and "Mutated"-variants.

The option of characters being able to most a melee and a ranged-weapons gave enough freedom to try out all the available characters without the need of worrying about being able to excel in long and/or close-quarters-combat.


It is very unfortunate this game was a victim of yet another "Uwe Boll / The Producers"-insurance-scheme...

Posted June 25.
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I decided to take a look if the earlier "Yager Development GmbH"-game(s) had the same issues as their current one(s);
(( Granted, I've yet to play the year-2003 "Yager", though that is a space-shooter-thing instead of just a cookie-cutter'ish / typical'ish Unreal-Engine-third/first-person-shooter. ))


I am not going into the story or anything else in relation;
for those one can simply watch the Youtube-videos or read the other summaries.

Though in some fairness'ish, if you already are familiar with primarily "Apocalypse Now" or anything else heavily inspired by the year-1899 novella "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad, then you for the most part have already have "read/watched" this game already.
Well, aside for maybe not experiencing the "waving index-finger of guilt" which this all pretty much boils down to
( yes, that "trope" is a reference to "Nostalgia Critic - Avatar (2009)"-episode ).

(( And to clarify once again:
I do not mind same stories being told over and over again;
all it needs to is to tell the story well or otherwise entertainingly enough. ))


The biggest gripe with this game right from get-go is that it is made home-consoles in mind, specifically to "Xbox 360":
Even when playing full-on with keyboard & mouse, all the prompts are in gamepad-format;
I do not have the luxury of constantly re-plugging my gamepad whenever I am not playing this game...

The "one-button-to-context-them"-approach is taken to the extreme here
(in this case, "cover/sprint/context-actions" are under one button),
while confusingly enough melee and "vaulting" are the same button and same goes with the (gun) reload and pick-up-button
(so with same button you pick up both intel and the dropped guns);
why they decided to reinvent the "wheel" instead of copy-paste the control-scheme from say "Gears of War" is beyond my comprehension.


If you get this game without paying anything extra and you have the patience to get through the control-scheme and other wonky-game-mechanics, then all power to you.
But otherwise if you're only here for the story, there is (as of writing this) more than enough 3rd-party material to watch/read through this mess.

Posted June 24. Last edited June 24.
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25.3 hrs on record (0.2 hrs at review time)
Older-version of my review can be found here:

The current full-(though not as flavoured-)version can be found here:

Important Note:
As of writing this, there is still no way to link your Steam and Epic-accounts with this product.
Therefore all the "grandfathered"-players that participated in the Steam-exclusive-Early-access-phase cannot access their "quest-shooter-battle-royale"-era of cosmetics.
And vice versa Epic Game Store-account cannot access to "Station Jumpsuit"-Basesuit
( which granted pretty is only a white-washed-reskin of the starter "Prospector Jumpsuit" and "TEC"-letters added below the logo-emblem-shoulder--patches ).


- "Scav"-mode 24/7:
Each "raid" lasts 6-hours/360-minutes.
No time limit for each player-session.
Maps (maybe) get re-mobulated and re-stocked from time to time;
many times has actually created situations in which a slaughtered herd can suddenly “pop” onto the unsuspecting players who usually end up being gored-down instantaneously.

- Only “V(ehicle)-Ex(filtration)-points that take more than 60-seconds in total and is shooting signal-flares up into air during the whole process:
First needing to (quite audibly) call for "Evac(uation) Ship" within ~10-20-meters of the landing-zone.
Then having to wait ~50-seconds for the ship to fly across the map, then land, finally open the door(s) and turn off the engines.
After ~15-seconds, the Evac Ship begins re-igniting the engines at which point there is a less than a 10-seconds window to be inside the ship for the instant “safe / evacuation / despawning”.
Oh and, just like with the landing-pod/spawn-points, there is also no protection while being inside the evacuation-ship;
“hilariously” enough if a player/”prospectors” gets killed/”foamed” inside the evac ship, their inventory just phases through the floor of the ship.

“Free Loot”-comparison
- Tarkov has "Scavenger"-mode in which you can jump into the map and spawn with all sorts of loot in your pockets that you can reclaim if you successfully exfiltrating.
The more you play as Scavenger or otherwise improve the "Scav-Karma", the higher chance to spawn with better oot is longside various other benefits such as allied boss-mobs and most important being Scav-mode-cooldown-timer reduction
--"Cycle" has "Daily Supply Crate" you can claim every 23-hours (since the last claim);
the supply crate contains anything else but Materials, Tools, Attachments, and some other specific items.
Upgrading this crate increases chances for more valuable items;
the cooldown-timer stays the same.

- In Tarkov Secure Containers start from 2x2-grid without weight-limits up to max of 3X4-grip;
secure-containers also accept other containers, ala. "Bag of Holding"-trope
-- "Safe Pocket" here starts with 5-weight-units and can be upgraded up to 14-units
--- There is no "over-encumbrance" in Cycle:
You simply cannot carry a single digit over the max-weight-capacity of backpacks (100-350-weight-units) and safe-pocket


Fortuna (“Battle”) Pass mechanics-details

There are 100-ranks in the pass
The first rank requires 500-points
Afterwards each rank requires +10-points
The last rank requires 1500-points
In total 101K (one hundred and one thousand, or 101000)-points are needed in order to unlock all rewards in the pass.

Each 24-hour-cycle players can earn from these sources:
- Faction Level UP
Max. 400-points, 50-points for each rank-up
( total of 8-rank-ups )

- Job Claimed
Max.10K-points, 150-points for each job/quest cashed
( total of 67-jobs completed )

- Quarters Upgraded
Max. 750-points, 500-points for each upgrade

- Techtree Node Upgraded
Max. 300-points, 100-points for each upgrade

- Prospector Kill Registered / Last-Hit
Max. 500-points, 75-points for each player-last-hit-kill; includes friendly fire-team/squadmate-kills
( total of 7 player-last-hit-kills )

- Creature Kill Registered / Last-Hit
Max 400-points, 15-points for each last-hit-kill
( total of 27 last-hit-mob-kills )

- Evacuated
Max 750-points, 100-points each time evacuated successfully
( total of 8-evacuation needed )

Potential max. base-point-gain in the 24-hour-cycle is 13,1K-points.

Every 5th-rank of Fortunate Pass a 25% point-gain-boost is given to those have done the “Aurum”-payment;
uncertain if this pass-point-boost is additive or multiplicative or something else.


Improvementa since Early Access?

"Nothing" is fixed since the "Closed Beta"-sessions.

Here are some things not mention by (many) others:
- The "Tutorial-Simulation"-thing is still auto-launched without allowing to fiddle in the options section beforehand
-- The mouse-inputs still aren't fully bound to menus which means any interactions can still happen outside them,
E.G. a gun shoots while adjusting graphics-settings
--- Mouse / menu-interaction-cursors still completely disappearing suddenly for the rest of the game-boot-session, most of then it doesn't exist from the get go;
sure, this was fixed early on during the "Closed Beta #1" but it was re-added back in #2 and was never re-fixed during that period, and here it is still around making the menus pretty much impossible to operate...

Oh and this game is still ran in "authoritative-client"-style, meaning all the cheats one can think of are "free-game"
( E.G. insta-gib-sniping with the mining-pickaxe from the other side of the maps ).
Oh and as an "icing on the cake":
Naturally all the same cheats that used to be in the "Original Cycle" of course are still here, from "speed-hacks" to "insta-gib-guns"-parametre-modifications and of course, "no-clippping / levitation" alongside teleporting right next to players allowing players to just instantly "pop" right next to you and insta gib you.


Bonus "why are they doing this?"-brain-hurting-things:
- Reporting players while in-game (or other "feedback) requires you to manually input your email-address;
"This small step helps to prevent spam" they say on their Discord-page;
in reality they’re pretty much just redirecting/mirroring the “spam” into your email-inbox by sending a “request has been received”-messages after each report sent in-game...
- If you ever press the "Give Feedback"-button, "Steam"-client groups this web-browser-instance of having "The Cycle Frontier" still running in background;
this is evident if you use the "Stop"-function provided by Steam-client to force/kill the game-process, your internet browser gets shutdown even if the "Prospect-Win64-Shipping.exe" has been closed a long time ago...


Yes, I liked the atmosphere
( when there is no other player around ).
But otherwise, this "game" is still a very big "no" to me
( especially thanks to other "players" ).

Posted June 18. Last edited July 4.
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"War Thunder" tends to be nicknamed as "World of Wargaming" for being an almost copycat when it comes to "research"(/unlocking)-trees and the monetisation in the same vein as "Steel Ocean" did.

They even copied the dice-roll "spotting"-mechanic in which the enemy units can suddenly pop-up and out right in front of your nose.

Having battles in which the aircraft-players can be combined with either ground or naval-forces is a nice.

The game being cross-regional and cross-platform is "the way it should be", alongside the server-side provided match/battle-replay/demo-files.

I like all the fine tuning that can be done with the control-options.

I just wish there was far less "texture-popping";
it's simply far too jarring and distracting.

The artificial limitations on "sniper"-mode and the pretty much non-existent range-finder gives the cheaters a far too much of an advantage when they snipe of you off with a single shot from the other side of the map.

There are far too many other games in the markets to pick from super-simulators to arcades.
And "War Thunder" simply is not fun enough to me alongside being a such a huge penny-pincher without throwing any "bones" for me
( especially with all the +70% "Battle Activity"-demands in order to be "paid" in the first place ).
Posted January 31.
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Having had Steam have the options being stealthily reseted the umpteenth-time resulting me not noticing
(until this very moment)
I hadn't taken any screenshots for over two weeks (14-days),
I have finally fully ditched the screenshot-tool the Steam/Valve-provides which was simply unusable on 32-bit-softwares to begin with
( as in there is a like several second "freeze" whenever a shot is taken ).

Compared to "FRAPS", "Greenshot" and many others from older times, "ShareX" has an initial higher hurdle to cross over with the slew of settings available tucked away some additional menus
( "Task Settings", "Hotkeys", "Application Settings", etc. ).
But once you have tuned (and backup-saved) all the settings to your likings, you will have a very lightweight screenshot-tool with loads of post-processing-settings
( most importantly including sorting the screenshots into separate folders according to software and date and whatever you set the tasks to do ).

Their slogan of
"The best free and open source screenshot tool for Windows"
certainly is not an understatement:
Whatever things the aforementioned example tools used to have are also available on ShareX
(well, aside maybe for the framerate-benchmarking;
we're talking of a screenshot-tool primarily here).
Posted October 6, 2021.
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Worth noting:
I have owned this since the original release on Capcom's own (Digital River) Store (August 25th 2008).
I primarily just wanted to boot-up and see if this Steam-version runs in the first place.
Yes, you'll need to install "AGEIA PhysX v7.11.13" which the Steam-installation provides automatically on the first boot.
But otherwise on my setup? No, I wasn't forced to go hunting for "3-year-old PhysX legacy drivers" or anything else like that.
And the game is running just as well as it is supposed to
( though obviously perhaps better than what it did back then 13-years ago on my "ATHLON 4600X2" although even back then the game was super well optimized ).

Here is my computer as of writing this (with the most up-to-date drivers, BIOS (yes, "TPM 2.0"-enabled) and software:
- Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX X570-F Gaming
- CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
- GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 590 8GB NITRO+ Gold Edition
- RAM-amount: 32GB
- Two Monitors with 1680x1650 and 1920x1200-resolutions
Max resolution output of this game is 1680x1650.
And yes, it has the default "borderless-fullscreen"-default if you try to output past the max-capacity of your monitor.
So, in order to move the game-window to larger monitor, you'll need to turn the resolution down enough (E.G. 1200x800) in order to get "borders" to move the game window around.


As for the game itself, it's the same as it was back in 2008.
As in it still functions and full-on -playable with gamebreaking bugs I am aware of
( well okay, there have been some feature-update(s) sure before "Grin" was shutdown.
And I am uncertain if Capcom has since released any maintenance-updates ).

The (optional) tutorials are still very comprehensive alongside the challenge-courses.
The gameplay itself still superb like it was were back then.

But as said at beginning, better into the details yet once again was the main point of this "review".
But to primarily post that the game indeed actually can be run with modern equipments
( even if mine is like 3-years old at this point as of writing this ).

If you can get this game for even cheaper than the current 9€/10$-asking price, and the game runs on your setup, this game certainly is well the buck
( especially since I personally bought this for 15€ originally ).
Posted September 17, 2021. Last edited September 17, 2021.
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Welcome to totally 100% "Orange_Juice"-universe where all kinds of girls (and boys) keep flying all around the places.
...Well, aside of course currently being board-bound. But that's another story you can unlock yourself in this game.

"100% Orange Juice" on surface might be your ye-olde "attack-defence"-dice-rolling-board-game
(and for the most part it is).
But there are various elements that are far easier to pull-off as a online-video-game.

Most important being the card-deck being built by all the players in collectable-(non-trading-)card-style:
The deck consists 48-cards; 10-cards from each (four) players and 8(-blank)-Hyper-cards which are dependant on which of the players/characters pull this card out of the deck.
Each player can bring three (3) of each cards unless there is a "Max 1"-stamp on the card.
And like collectable-cards in real-life, one is able to gain more these cards one-at-the-time via the booster-packs each "theme" costing different amount of stars
( it might sound really slow experience at first. But in reality the game is quite generous, so this shouldn't take more than few hours of super consistent-active gameplay to complete ).

As for the general-gameplay itself, the best description for the most part is "Utter chaos!"
"Anything goes" and "It's Everyone's Game" are also fitting because even when things seem to go completely "South" one can have that deciding dice-roll or otherwise making a seemingly impossible-style comebacks in a super-underdog-style.

The same thing of course applies to more "tryharding achievement hunting":
Even with meticulous plannings and executions, either due singular mistake or just utter sheer bad-luck, a victory against Co-op boss might be thrown out of the window just right at the winning round/chapter.

As of writing this, there are three (3) main-game-modes beside the "Story / Campaign"-section:
"Normal (PvP)" and the variation "Bounty"
In both modes the players race to "Final Norma"
In "Normal" it's mainly whatever means necessary be it "bullying" and so on.
In "Bounty" players need to complete fetch-quests and mob-hunting Bounties in order to win.

"Co-op" is all (four-)players against a boss (and their minions), where generally speaking dice and rest of other random-number-generation(s) are always against you.
But that doesn't mean you necessarily will be completely out-of-luck-either since by playing-by-rules the players can do various interesting (semi-meta-)tricks. Or maybe by sheer determination one can also win or at the very least last over 30-rounds/chapter in order to collect the 100%-payout of oranges and role-XP.


After numerous "close-ones", most of the times the feeling, to me at least, tend be more of simple:
Oh well...time for another round!"
I'd say the most important being the general "loop" being quite short (usually between 15-30-minutes) alongside the uncertain-chaos pretty much negating the "unwinnable-snowballs".

And very importantly the "outside"-game-section is worth mentioning too:
Just playing until the end tends to you give you a nice sum of "stars" and various other currencies that can be used in-game-store to purchase various kinds of cosmetics and other useful things not limited to boards/fields/maps and new cards.

In other words, there tends to be an actual feel of constant progression without having the need to sitting hours-on-end to simply waiting everything to end
( provided of course that gamespeed is being kept at max alongside the turn timers aren't turned-off or at 90-seconds ).


Now it's also worth noting that base-game is very-very bare-bones character-selection-wise. Although there is also two rotating selectable characters each week. And of course if you jump-in mid-session you're allowed to play with the character that is already on the board.
That being said, I for one highly recommend eventually get the complete-edition of this game:
Each of the (non-mob-)characters are uniquely voiced
( aside for character-variations that are unlocked by owning other Orange Juice-universe games ),
they have their own theme-music,
and aside for specific cases they either miss some "event"-cosmetics or they might even same extra-exclusives
(E.G. "Debut Kiriko" ).

The base price of ~6€ is low enough already.
And getting the full-game for max 70€ makes seem like a bargain in comparison to numerous other "freemium" and "Triple-A"-games.


So, if you like simple-chaotic-free-for-all-board-games, this is a very reasonably entry-priced one.
There are of course intricacies alongside some more myriad secrets, so reading through the Wikia is highly recommended.
But otherwise generally this game has a very low barrier-of-entry to both board-game-newbies and veterans alike

Posted September 11, 2021. Last edited May 27.
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433.7 hrs on record (76.2 hrs at review time)
Nothing new I am writing about, so I'll try to keep it simple with the worst-of-the-worst offenders in my (current) book:
If you already have experience with "Grand Theft Auto (5/V) Online", the experience is pretty much the same here:
Some things are done better;
some are worse;

But the most importantly the "foundation" is the very same "Peer-to-Peer"-multiplayer which was not (that) good of a solution in early 2000's and has only gotten worse
(( mind you, "Peer-to-Peer" in which everyone is a "host" certainly still far more better solution than "listen-servers" in which only a singular player is the "host":
This means in case of "Red Dead Online", majority of the things continue as normal even when you get separated from the session/lobby without the needs of "host migrations" or otherwise things just ending like in "GTA Online" in which things are worse even outside "Heists" and other "closed"-sessions )).

There might be no "Orbital Cannon" here in wild(er)-west. But that doesn't stop "people" from setting you up on fire which spastically flung all over the places when your pockets are chain-exploding.

Basically, if you can think of a way "modders (or trainers?)" can ruin things, they will certainly do it, just in like "GTA Online" but even worse here
( mainly because there are no options to avoid them completely unlike in GTA Online especially due lack of anything resembling private sessions / lobbies, as of writing this ).

But of course, most importantly "Rockstar Games / Take-Two Interactive" not hosting any of the gameplay-servers means that they don't need to take any accountability for pretty much anything. And thus everything is the fault of (paying customer /) players themselves.


"Overanimation" has gone so far too overboard here it simply prevents gameplay ever more than in "GTA V/5 Online".
Some examples:
- "Jumping" and therefore "vaulting" is somewhat contextual in the sense that, yes, you're freely able to jump around on flat-open grounds. But if you'd want to jump on say table or some specific boulders, the jump animation won't even initiate next to these objects.
Perhaps most importantly you cannot jump / climb onto wagons / carriages
("falling" onto them is something I personally have yet to test ).
And just to clear, I am not talking of the context-prompt-jumping from horse-backs onto other context-targets (trains, horses, etc.). But the actual dedicated "jump"-button, whenever that is not "pickup/stow/etc."-prompt.
- Outside the cutscenes, the characters cannot even do a simple "spin" without making a wide circle, which in practice means that tend fall off very easily on narrow surfaces
( "workaround" is to aim with a gun and then turn with the "camera / aiming-reticle ).
- Do not even dare to brush your horse if you're more than one micrometre away from the designated spot;
sure, you do the brushing-animation all fine, but that simply isn't "counted" thus the "brush-warning-light" simply does not go away until you're on the "correct-level".

Especially horse-animation-wise, this all feels far worse than the year-2010 "Red Dead Redemption":
Like back then it was somewhat funny, as seen with "GTA 4/IV Billboard Glitch with Police"-videos.
Now all these animation-dependant things are just obstructions
( E.G. things not taking damage from (bow &) arrows because the "damaged"-animation didn't trigger, despide the body-sized blood-splatter on the body and ground near them that the hitbox had been hit from point-blank ).


And (for now) lastly, the naturally-deranged Harriet Davenport is so obsessed turning you into yet another drug-addict that she puts a complete full-stop progressing "The Naturalist"-role. for the reasons unknown
( could be a bug triggered by a chipmunk being trampled by a carriage I was escording during a Stranger-mission, for all what do I know ):
25-Gold-bars well spent on content I never have any further access to...

Posted February 24, 2021.
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