Patrick Jr.
Patrick Jr.   Walsall, Walsall, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I like to take screenshots of games, I'm a sucker for virtual photography and photomodes ♥
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Py-Bun Created the awesome Portrait of me!
I just added the background from my profile to it.

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My collection of awesome Sheep Emotes!


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I like to stream from time to time, feel free to watch whenever I'm live!

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Want me to create a Poster for your workshop item? Add me and we’ll talk
Workshop items I’ve created posters for so far!
Pin Pals
L'homme Burglerre
Goldeneye Alyx - Runway (Demo)
The Liberator Pistol
Aces High - Great Return Edition

I'm online on Steam almost 24/7 If I don't reply to you, I'm sleeping or actually away, I will get back to you sooner or later

Love you all <3

λwesome PatrickJr
Hello, I’m PatrickJr, well known for my SFM Posters. Anyone is welcome to add me.
Please don’t ask me questions that you can easily find on Google! I will not spoon-feed you information. Best way to learn is by diving into the tools/games you won’t learn if someone is spoon-feeding you.

Thanks for visiting my Steam Profile:
Please don’t add me to just trade me, I don’t trade. Not with strangers anyway. Anyone who adds me I will check out their profiles on Steam Rep and other sites to cross-reference you.

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Please if you need to request, Click View more info above me. You will find out where to properly request.
In SFM, I'm able to do almost anything when creating a Poster, I can Paint Items, and I can use particles. Every time TF2 Updates, I will have placed the new Hats/Weapons into it. I've done over 400 SFM Posters so far. I get Requests from quite a wide variety amount of people. No request is too small nor too large. ♥

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To request an SFM Poster, please contact me on I don't accept TF2 items as payment.

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I collect ♥'s and share ♥'s, if you give me a ♥ I will give you one back

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The amount of times people add me to ask a VALVᴱ related question, or they get me to send a message to my VALVᴱ friends. I can’t you need to submit a ticket, I may be friends with some VALVᴱ Employees but that does not give me any higher priority than you. I have to submit a ticket and wait days or even weeks just like you guys!

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[SFM] Hitman: World of Assassination
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Larger Blood pools for the extra gruesome feeling, this is a basic mod but then again, it's my first mod for Kenshi
50 ratings
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Hope your well Man, sorry I I added you just wanted to keep the freind list smaller, your an awsome man, stay safe and healthy! :winter2019happyyul:
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And you!
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